October 17, 2023

"For all the talk about Iowa being Ron DeSanctimonious’ Alamo, he’s not spending a lot of time in the Hawkeye State. He went three weeks without stepping foot in the state because he was too busy gallivanting with Hollywood elites in California, spending time on MSNBC, and being home in Florida— doing nothing to enhance his standing in Iowa.


That must be disheartening to the staffers he uprooted from Florida and sent them to live and work in Iowa for the next few months, toiling away day after day on the campaign trail while their candidate is missing in action.


As our very own Chris LaCivita tweeted, we hope these staffers made sure their “return ticket is already paid for!”


The polls are bleak for DeSanctus as he continues to be dominated in a big way. President Trump leads him by 45 points according to a Morning Consult poll, while he continues to hold commanding leads in every early state.


You might as well stay home in Florida, Ron. But don’t forget your staff in Iowa who you have left high and dry!"


—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSanctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


One week. Ron DeSanctus has exactly one week left to turn his campaign around and "beat Trump" or he's done. There are miracles, and then there is just lunacy.


Ron DeSanctus will be remembered as perhaps the most humiliated candidate ever recorded. 


With roughly three months to the Iowa caucuses, Ron DeSanctimonious has hit rock bottom—in national polls, in early state polls, and in campaign finances.


As NBC News simply puts it:


Ron DeSantis has less money and more problems.


The Florida governor's presidential campaign entered this month with just $5 million in cash available for the primary, a sum that reignites doubts about his solvency, budgeting and ability to gain ground on front-running former President Donald Trump. 


The pain is so acute that DeSantis is redeploying aides from his Tallahassee headquarters to Des Moines for the stretch run of a do-or-die Jan. 15 Iowa caucus. A better-funded operation might hire locally rather than shifting resources.


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe said DeSanctus needed to raise $50 million before the second GOP debate.


From The New York Times:


With urgency in his voice, Mr. Roe told the donors he required much of the $50 million in the next month before the second G.O.P. debate on Sept. 27. He said he needed $5 million a month just to sustain his Iowa operations. And he said Mr. DeSantis needed to beat Donald J. Trump in “the next 60 days” and separate from all of his other rivals “now.”


Well, Roe is a day late and more than 40 million dollars short.


Clearly strapped for cash, the DeSanctimonians have totally surrendered in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, and they’ve lowered their sights in Iowa, aiming only for a “strong second” place in the Hawkeye State.


A few weeks ago, ABD cut more than $530,000 in reserved time on broadcast television stations in Iowa and New Hampshire.


They’ve ended their door-knocking operation in Nevada and several ‘Super Tuesday’ states.


Ron pit-stopped in South Carolina for the first time since July last week and hasn’t been seen in Iowa for nearly three weeks.


Even as Ron has made Iowa his do-or-die, he's getting blown away in every metric.


It will all be over soon, Ron!



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