Unholy Alliance: DeSantis Campaign Colluding with Biden’s Weaponized DOJ to Stop President Trump and the MAGA Movement

July 25, 2023

Bedminster, NJ – From inception, the DeSantis campaign was doomed. Beginning with a total failure to launch, Ron DeSantis has warmly embraced establishment RINOs and Never Trumpers. Despite millions of dollars spent to promote his candidacy, Ron finds a way to fall to new all-time lows with every coming poll.


Now, amid yet another failed reboot, DeSantis and his establishment handlers have resorted to directly parroting the talking points of radical Leftists.


When Ron DeSanctimonious was most recently summoned before donors to explain his flailing campaign, his top lieutenants admitted to lighting donor money on fire. 


Though, even more telling, a top DeSantis fundraiser confessed that their “strategy” relied on endless political prosecutions of President Trump by radical Leftist prosecutors.


As the DeSantis campaign continues to utterly collapse, Ron has shown he’s willing to take the side of deranged, Marxist prosecutors and the radical Left for any shot at stopping the nose dive that has left him in third place, heading only south.