KISS OF DEATH: DeSantis Has One Month

November 12, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious has continued to embarrass himself of the campaign trail, from dismal poll numbers to being castigated by the entire national media for wearing high-heels. But a very important date is coming up.
December 12.
That’s the last day DeSanctus can withdraw his name from the ballot in Florida and save himself the embarrassment of losing his home state. A new poll from the University of North Florida found President Trump at 60%, crushing DeSanctus by 39 points.
Ron has fashioned himself as someone who can will things to existence by sheer force. How will he look when he gets spanked by the people he represents and gets tamed like a puppy dog? The primary in Florida will be a referendum on DeSanctus leaving Floridians high and dry while he runs for president.
30 days. Ron can either listen to the people of Florida and return to Tallahassee to take on the challenges that face the state, or he can continue his weird personal obsession with being humiliated in public time and time again."
— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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