KISS OF DEATH: BootGate, ShoeNami, LittleCandidateBigWorld, and On and On…

November 02, 2023

"Life must be miserable for Ron DeSanctimonious when even Nikki ‘Birdbrain’ Haley is dunking on him for wearing high heels. Birdbrain went on The Daily Show and completely clowned Ron for his eccentric footwear choice, saying: ‘Don’t wear them if you can’t run in them. So we’ll see if he can run in them.’ 


How did DeSanctus handle the humiliation? He shamed himself even further by going on MSDNC’s Morning Mike—his safe space—to spew Never Trump talking points peddled by the Lincoln Project. It looks like Ron is trying to replace Chris Christie on the cable news casting couch auditioning for a contributor contract whenever his joke of a campaign ends."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


This morning, Ron's humiliation tour took him to the MSDNC studios, a network obviously known for its vast viewership of GOP primary voters.


The DeSanctus political obituaries are already piling up, with Ron hell-bent on leaving no shred of his reputation intact before his campaign fever dream subsides.


From The Hill story titled, "‘Bootgate’ and pudding fingers: How Ron DeSantis became 2024’s presidential punchline":


"Now DeSantis is settling into his role as an all-purpose political punching bag. Presidential hopefuls Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott and Christie have all taken swipes at DeSantis in the hopes of reviving their own stagnant campaigns. In debates, DeSantis now spends as much time being mocked as he does speaking. 


DeSantis’s donors are tired of being embarrassed and are increasingly saying so publicly."


A separate scathing report from The Washington Post pulls no punches:


“By this time next year, DeSantis is unlikely to be the Republican nominee for president. He may, instead, be the Florida governor who is eventually remembered for his shoes.”


Of course, it didn't end there for DeSanctus. In a new Newsweek op-ed, U.S. Senator Rick Scott dealt Ron a major body blow, calling for Republicans to give it up and rally behind President Donald J. Trump. 


You can certainly say a lot of things about Ron DeSanctimonious, but you have to appreciate his ability to always find a new rock bottom. 


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