Crooked Biden Recap: Biden’s Campaign Is Based On A Lie

June 24, 2024

Joe Biden’s campaign is predicated on a lie.

Well, many lies, but an especially grievous one in particular. From the very start of his campaign for president in 2019, Biden said he was running because of the “very fine people” hoax – the demonstrable lie which falsely claims that President Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people.” It was a disgusting smear which set the stage for the years of division, the divisive rhetoric, and the weaponization of lies and institutions to go after political opponents which has come to define the Biden years.

Now, seven years too late, even the liberal “fact check” organization Snopes is debunking this obvious lie, writing that Trump “specifically noted that he was not talking about neo-Nazis and white supremacists and said they should be ‘condemned totally.’ Therefore, we have rated this claim ‘False.’”

Biden did not tell this smear just once, but repeatedly. He repeated it during the presidential debates in 2020, during his speech at the Democrat National Convention, continually in ads and on social media, from the bully pulpit as president, and routinely on the campaign trail. Even when he was directly confronted for lying, he doubled down, refusing to listen to facts and reason.

Far from stopping this blatant spread of misinformation, many in the fake news media, including hosts on CNN, not only let the Biden campaign get away with it, they parroted Biden’s lie. In a true example of how misinformation is a hallmark of the ecosystem on the Left, that fake news is often promoted by the Biden campaign. So Biden lies, the fake news repeats those lies, then the Biden campaign posts clips of the media lying on social media.

In the words of Trump Campaign National Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt, “the Charlottesville lie was another hoax perpetuated by the corrupt Democrats and their mouthpieces in the fake news media, just like the Hunter Biden laptop, the Russian collusion scandal and so many others, all in an attempt to smear President Trump. Joe Biden’s campaign must end any advertising that pushes this lie because President Trump has, once again, been proven right.”


Ultimately, Democrats are targeting President Trump because they are after everyday Americans who disagree with them – President Trump is just standing in the way. We see that with memos labeling parents at school board meetings “domestic terrorism” suspects, the administration suggesting pro-life Americans are “semi-fascists,” the Democrats’ two-tiered system of justice, and Biden threatening Border Patrol agents for enforcing immigration law. Meanwhile, the Left, at the permission of Biden and funded by his donors, spreads chaos, hate, and violence.


Where the mainstream media has failed, the American people won’t. They will hold Joe Biden responsible for his dishonesty on November 5th by voting him out of office.

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