President Trump Announces Key New Hampshire Endorsements

June 01, 2023

Today, President Donald J. Trump announced endorsements from eight prominent New Hampshire officials who recognize the 45th President’s dominant position in the Granite State. According to a recent National Research poll of likely New Hampshire Republican Primary voters, President Trump holds a commanding 21-point lead over his nearest opponent, Ron DeSantis.


These officials represent Hillsborough and Rockingham Counties, New Hampshire’s two largest counties that collectively cast 55 percent of the 2016 Republican Primary vote.

Hillsborough and Rockingham County Endorsements:


John Coughlin, Hillsborough County Attorney

Alderman Crissy Kantor, Manchester Ward 6

Representative Mike Drago, Rockingham District 4

Representative Catherine Kenny, Hillsborough District 13

Representative Jason Janvrin, Rockingham District 40

Representative Dennis Mannion, Rockingham District 25

Representative Shane Sirois, Hillsborough District 32

Representative Chris True, Rockingham District 9


"I am so proud to support President Trump. Once back in the White House, President Trump will build on his incredibly strong record of supporting our men and women in law enforcement. As a County Attorney, I know how important it is to have support from the federal government, and there is no question that President Trump will stand alongside those enforcing our nation's laws." 


-John Coughlin, Hillsborough County Attorney



"I am honored to support and endorse President Donald J. Trump for President in 2024. He is the only candidate that stood up against all the evil while still putting AMERICA FIRST."


-Alderman Crissy Kantor, Manchester Ward 6



"Now, more than ever, America needs a proven leader like President Trump to get our country back on the right track. I am proud to join his campaign and will do everything I can to help President Trump win the New Hampshire Primary." 


- Representative Shane Sirois, Hillsborough District 32




Last week, New Hampshire State Representative Sandra Panek flipped her endorsement from DeSantis to President Trump, saying "after being less than impressed with Ron DeSantis’s official announcement, I am hereby switching my endorsement to President Donald J. Trump. We can’t expect someone to run the country if they can’t properly run their own campaign launch. The stakes are simply too great in 2024 to take a chance on someone as unreliable as DeSantis — we need a proven winner like President Trump to take back the White House and Make America Great Again!”