Crooked Joe Biden and the Radical Left are Attacking American Democracy

December 02, 2023


Crooked Joe Biden is Building the Most Sophisticated Censorship and Information Control Apparatus in the World to Crush Free Speech in America


Joe Biden and the Deep State are weaponizing government agencies designed to protect our country against foreign threats in order to systematically censor the lawful speech of American citizens.


Journalists who raised questions about the unconstitutional vaccine mandates were de-platformed from social media at the request of the Biden Administration.


Joe Biden is funding American research and educational institutions to help advance his Administration’s efforts to censor lawful speech.


Biden administration officials pressured Big Tech companies to “stop allowing” Americans to question the Administration’s climate change narrative and Green New Deal agenda.


Joe Biden’s then-Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, bragged from the White House podium that the Administration was “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread” so-called “disinformation.”


Joe Biden and his Administration are arguing in court that it has the right to use the “bully pulpit” of the presidency “to seek to persuade Americans—and American companies—to act in ways that the President believes would advance the public interest” when it comes to controlling public discourse in collusion with Big Tech and social media platforms.


In January 2023, Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith served a warrant on the X platform demanding the company identify millions of account holders who simply interacted with President Trump’s account, a massive breach of privacy and a brazen assault on American values. The DOJ sought and received permission from the judge to keep this warrant secret from the President’s legal team, and now they have this data, raising the ominous specter of what action the weaponized federal government agents will take against these Americans.


In his AI executive order, President Biden gave a “sweeping mandate” to the Department of Homeland Security – an agency at the center of recent partisan censorship efforts. Biden tasked the agency to focus on critical infrastructure, which includes our electoral system. With Biden’s order, the weaponized agency will continue to expand its efforts to “fight election interference,” which authority the DHS has used to massively interfere with our elections and our democracy.


Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has acknowledged the department is weaponizing artificial intelligence to target the political speech of American citizens, disguising their efforts as combatting “misinformation,” ‘disinformation,” and “anti-government sentiment.” The federal government is weaponizing AI against American citizens.


Biden’s IRS authorized agents to visit American taxpayers’ homes to “harass, intimidate, and target” them.


Joe Biden and Democrats Reject Use of Voter ID to Ensure Free and Fair Elections


Instead of supporting a federal Voter ID law to stop large numbers of illegal aliens from voting illegally in federal elections, Joe Biden supports Democrat legislation to eliminate Voter ID in every state, which means U.S. elections are not secure against illegal aliens casting ballots, including the eight million illegal aliens who have entered the country during Biden’s presidency.   


Several U.S. cities and fourteen smaller jurisdictions have enacted laws to allow illegal aliens to vote or have pushed for similar measures, including Washington, DC


Approximately 12 states, including the national battleground states of Pennsylvania and Nevada, as well as high-population states like New York and Illinois, do not have adequate Voter ID protections for federal elections. 


Joe Biden and His Allies Weaponized Government in a Lawless Attempt to Destroy President Trump’s First Term


In August 2016, then-CIA Director John Brennan met with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in the Oval Office before the election to brief him on Hillary Clinton’s efforts to fraudulently tie the Trump campaign to Russia.


The Obama-Biden administration spied on Trump’s Campaign in the 2016 presidential race by creating the bogus Crossfire Hurricane investigation under false pretenses, deploying confidential informants to spy on campaign policy aides Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and others.


The Clinton campaign funded the Steele dossier, a collection of false allegations about Trump and Russia created by British and Russian intelligence assets, and senior Clinton campaign aide Jake Sullivan publicized the lies. Today Sullivan, a key player in the Russia Hoax, serves as President Biden’s national security advisor.


The mainstream media worked closely with the weaponized government and partisan Democrats to popularize the fake Russia Hoax. Some even won Pulitzers for their lies, and have no regrets and offer no apologies for lying to the American people.


While the DOJ special counsel eventually determined no Trump personnel colluded with Russia at all, the partisan-driven Russia investigations succeeded in their primary purpose of interfering with federal government administration by weaponizing the administrative state against a democratically elected president.


Joe Biden and Democrats Have Broadly Weaponized Government Against Their Political Opponents


Biden is criminalizing political dissent by putting meme-maker Douglass Mackey in prison.


Many J6 defendants were prosecuted, convicted, or pleaded guilty to “parading” which is simply an expression of political dissent.


The Biden Administration has persecuted Catholics and pro-life activists.


They have labeled parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists.


They have gone after judges who refuse to rewrite the Constitution


The Biden DOJ is abusing an obstruction-of-justice offense carrying a 20-year prison sentence to criminalize nonviolent protest at the Capitol on January 6th. The obstruction law was enacted after the Enron scandal to prosecute evidence impairment, but Biden is using it to prosecute political demonstrations.


Biden's DOJ is selectively prosecuting J6 defendants and not Democrat rioters. The rioters from Summer 2020 could be charged with the exact same offenses used on the J6ers and others, but are not. The double standard proves the Biden DOJ has become a political weapon. 


Nonviolent defendants would normally serve time at minimum security prisons, i.e. Martha Stewart camps. But Biden’s DOJ is blocking nonviolent J6ers from these minimum-security prisons and forcing them into higher-security prisons with drug traffickers, child abusers, and gangs.


Starting in June 2020, a team of 100 anti-Trump partisans met regularly to “war game” the presidential election. In these planning sessions, prominent Democrats organized pro-Biden alternate electors for the Electoral College, pushed blue states to secede from the union, and took other actions that looked a lot like preparations to steal the election in a “clear Trump win” scenario, including the discussion of using the justice system to destroy “Trumpism” after the election. 


Joe Biden’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) targeted Elon Musk by demanding all of his internal communications after he purchased Twitter, committed to making it a free speech social media platform, and restored President Trump’s account.


After the deranged attempt to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his own home just a few weeks before the Supreme Court handed down the decision overturning Roe v. Wade, 27 House Democrats voted AGAINST a bill to expand security protection for the families of Supreme Court justices—and Joe Biden REFUSED to condemn it.


Joe Biden has forced his primary opponent Congressman Dean Phillips off the Democrat primary ballot in Florida.


Biden and his Department of Justice are committing high level election interference by prosecuting the former President of the United States and his chief political opponent in the 2024 election. In the midst of a presidential campaign, Biden allies reinstated a gag order on President Trump, who is beating Biden in all the polls.


Biden’s Allies Are Trying to Remove President Trump From The Ballot in the Several States


Every 14th Amendment ballot challenge has met the same fate: dismissal.


A state court in Michigan dismissed three 14th Amendment ballot challenges brought by a democrat front group.


Cases in Minnesota and New Hampshire have also been dismissed.


A federal court in Rhode Island dismissed a frivolous 14th Amendment challenge from a gadfly presidential candidate.


Colorado State Court ruled in President Trump’s favor, placing him on the 2024 ballot.


Washington State became the sixth jurisdiction to reject a 14th Amendment ballot challenge.


Biden is Destroying the Constitutional Right to Attorney-Client Privilege


Judge Beryl Howell forced Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran to testify to the grand jury about confidential communications with President Trump.


DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith forced Christina Bobb and Evan Corcoran to testify.  Both defended President Trump in the Mar-a-Lago raid.


President Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba was called to testify before the DC grand jury.


DOJ special counsel Jack Smith challenged Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran’s attorney-client privilege.


The Biden Family Has Received Millions of Dollars in Payments from Foreign Countries, Raising Serious Concern That China and Other Foreign Countries— Not American Voters — are Telling Crooked Joe What to Do.


There are several instances of Joe Biden and his family receiving payments from abroad while serving as Vice President—and afterward, including from China, without any explanation of services that were provided for such payments.


The US House Oversight Committee determined Joe Biden lied at least 16 times about his family's foreign business dealings. 


A corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company hired Hunter Biden in June 2014, just weeks before his Vice President father traveled to Kyiv for diplomatic talks with a direct impact on his son’s employer. Hunter was paid about $600,000 a year from 2014 to 2019 as a board director of Burisma - without any experience in energy.


Regarding Ukraine alone, Federal investigations proved then-Vice President Joe Biden met with his son’s client, copied his son on emails regarding official work impacting his client, and even threatened to withhold US aid if the president of Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor investigating his son’s employer. (He was then fired.)


A reliable FBI informant later reported Joe Biden received a $5 million bribe from the Burisma founder.


Just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden was discovered to contain abundant information proving the depth of the Biden Family’s corruption. The Biden campaign, led by now-Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, enlisted 51 partisan US national security leaders to claim the laptop was Russian disinformation. The laptop later proved to be real indicating the national security leaders lied with the intention to interfere in the 2020 election.


Joe Biden is Weaponizing Government to Control the American People


Democrats and the administrative state do not even remember life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, because they think they know better than average Americans, and they want to tell Americans what we can and cannot have.


In late November, US car dealers asked President Biden to stop his proposed automobile emissions regulations written to mandate two-thirds of new passenger cars sales are all-electric by 2032. Consumers just aren't interested in EVs and the vehicles are stacking up on their lots.


President Biden proposed new home appliance rules that would cut water and energy use limits for Americans' dishwashers well below current levels. Critics say the drastic cut will leave families with dirty dishes, but Biden’s team says this is an important part of his “ambitious clean energy agenda to combat the climate crisis.”