MEMO: President Donald J. Trump Will Defeat Crooked Joe Biden One Year From Today

November 05, 2023



TO: Interested Parties


FROM: Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, Donald J. Trump for President 2024


DATE: November 5, 2023


RE: President Donald J. Trump Will Defeat Crooked Joe Biden One Year From Today



Exactly one year from today, Americans will go to the polls to reclaim their freedom.


Tens of millions of patriots will vote to salvage what’s left of a Country that is being ravaged by widespread judicial corruption, crippling inflation, skyrocketing cost of living increases, crime-infested streets, and a completely open Southern Border — all fueled by Crooked Joe Biden’s ineptness and determination to remake America in Europe’s image.


It’s not just here at home that Biden is making things worse.  Russia has invaded Ukraine, Hamas terrorists have attacked Israel, and Iran is getting closer to having nuclear weapons.  On the world stage, America is increasingly viewed as a third-world country and drawing closer to World War III because our enemies smell weakness in a failed administration that is more interested in teaching our brave Warriors proper pronouns than lethality.


To say that this election is the most important in our lifetime is an understatement.


In a matter of a few short months, Donald J. Trump will secure the Republican Party’s nomination for President for the third time, allowing his campaign to consolidate resources, refocus the Republican National Committee, and begin the process of firing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the America Last crowd.


Despite those in the GOP political establishment who insist on having more debates for an ever-shrinking audience and repeat talking points that sound like they were written by Democrats or the Lincoln Project, the Trump Campaign is using the time during the primaries and caucuses to fine-tune an already superior organization that we will replicate nationally.  State by state, we are building an unparalleled machine that will bolster President Trump in key battleground states and position him to crush Biden.  We embrace this exercise and will make the most of it.


President Trump’s campaign is fueled by a historic grassroots movement made up of millions of small-dollar donors from all walks of life.  The Make America Great Again patriots enable the Trump Campaign to reaffirm President Trump’s central message: It is time to end Joe Biden’s era of American Decline and launch a Golden Age of American Greatness — and only President Donald J. Trump can do it.


Just look at the statistics.  Bidenomics has been a complete failure, hurting Americans at every income level.


Since Biden took office, prices have risen nearly 18 percent, real wages remain low, and workers have seen a 3.2 percent pay cut.  Gas prices are, on average, more than $1 higher per gallon.


The average real wealth for middle-class households is down $33,000 in the past year alone.  The Federal Reserve has hiked interest rates 11 times since March 2022, making it much harder to buy a home, purchase a car, and pay bills.


The Biden Administration’s response to the problems of their own making is to double down and promise more of the same.  The American people have had enough, and it shows in the polling:


  • 60% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy


  • 63% disapprove of his handling of inflation


  • 64% disapprove of his handling of immigration


  • 58% disapprove of his foreign policy


  • 58% disapprove of his handling of crime


Joe Biden is staking his floundering re-election bid on failed Bidenomics, recently saying: “Folks, Bidenomics is just another way of saying the American Dream!”  In fact, survey after survey finds Joe Biden has been a tragic nightmare for Americans.


A New York Times/Sienna College poll shows President Trump with a clear path to victory one year from today, dominating Crooked Joe in 5 swing states.



According to NY Times/Sienna: “Black voters — long a bulwark for Democrats and for Mr. Biden — are now registering 22 percent support in these [battleground] states for Mr. Trump, a level unseen in presidential politics for a Republican in modern times.”


The analysis also finds: “Voters gave Mr. Trump a 17-point advantage for [his policies] having helped them and Mr. Biden a 18-point disadvantage for [Biden’s policies] having hurt them.”


The Biden Administration — including Merrick Garland — spends each day dreaming up new ways to go after President Trump through bogus prosecutions in a two-tier justice system or sinister attempts to deny Americans a choice on the ballot.


American voters see what is happening, and they are responding by making clear that they want President Donald J. Trump back in the White House. 


President Trump is expanding his dominant lead, which will only increase the resolve of those who fear the outcome of a fair and transparent election.


The real bottom line?


One year from today, the American people will fire Crooked Joe Biden and hire President Donald J. Trump to Make America Great Again.