KISS OF DEATH: A Smear On His Legacy

November 07, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious is failing to gain any traction as he has soiled his campaign by going full Never Trump. Instead of dropping out with dignity, he has now forever smeared his legacy. 
No amount of contrition or repentance can wipe away his poll numbers from skidding out of control. 
With so many polls showing President Trump beating Crooked Joe Biden in key battleground states and in the general overall, the false narrative from DeSanctus that he’s the most electable candidate has now been overrun like a mudslide. 
Tomorrow’s debate will be a dumping ground for every single loser candidate to foolishly fight for distant second place. For DeSanctus, he will never be anything more than Number 2."
— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson

As Ron DeSanctimonious laces up his lifted boots for tomorrow's debate, new polling out of Florida shows that his own constituents prefer a real leader like President Trump.


In the latest Florida Politics Poll, President Donald Trump leads Ron DeSanctus by 39 points among Florida Republicans. “The University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab shows the Governor trailing former President Donald Trump by nearly 40 points. Trump has 60% support while DeSantis has just 21% backing.”


Tomorrow's MASSIVE rally in Hialeah will show America - and DeSanctimonious - exactly who runs Florida.


DeSanctus’ unfavorability in his own state is highlighted in The Washington Post where Floridian Osmanny Herrera said, “DeSantis shouldn’t have taken on Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary. ‘I don’t think DeSantis is loyal,’ Herrera said, adding that he now has ‘a little bit of an animosity with him.’”


Maybe instead of touring 99 counties in Iowa, Ron should return home to Florida and clean up the mess he left behind!


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