President Trump wins…again!

November 08, 2023

Post-Debate Statement From Trump Campaign Senior Advisor Chris LaCivita


“Unless you’re a fan of cheap knockoffs or out-of-tune tribute bands, tonight’s GOP debate was a complete waste of time and money. President Donald J. Trump leads the Republican primary by 50 points. He is crushing Crooked Joe Biden in national polling as well as five of the six biggest swing states. Voters want a return to the Country we had just three short years ago, before Biden and the radical left began to destroy it, and voters believe President Trump is the only one who can make this a reality. Simply put, voters want to Make America Great Again. Rob DeSanctimonious and Nikki ‘Birdbrain’ Haley need to get serious about their rapidly eroding political futures. DeSanctus is losing his home state by 39 points, and has until Dec. 12th to remove his name from the ballot or suffer one of the biggest home state humiliations in history. Birdbrain’s political ceiling is already so low she needs to duck in order to avoid hitting her head. They are going nowhere, and at this point every dollar sent to their campaigns or their SuperPACs may as well be going directly to Joe Biden. Donald J. Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. It’s up to DeSantis and Haley to determine if they want a political future…or not.”