Ron DeSantis Gets Crushed By Ryan Binkley As He Is the First to Visit All 99 Counties in Iowa, Achieving the “Full Grassley”

November 27, 2023

Des Moines, Iowa – Republican candidate for president Ryan Binkley, who is polling at 0%, outperformed Ron DeSantis by becoming the first person to visit all 99 counties in Iowa earlier this month.
Binkley, a pastor from Dallas, Texas, hit the “Full Grassley” in early November, proving that visiting all 99 counties is not a unique achievement that DeSantis would like everyone to believe. As with his entire campaign, DeSantis is trying to gaslight voters and caucus-goers into believing he actually has a shot of becoming president. 
If Ron DeSantis can’t even keep up with Ryan Binkley in Iowa, how can he expect to be competitive with Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley for distant second place?