Mother Teresa Couldn’t Beat These Charges…It’s Rigged.

May 29, 2024



TO: Interested Parties


FROM: Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, Donald J. Trump for President 2024


DATE: May 29, 2024


RE: “Mother Teresa Couldn’t Beat These Charges…It’s Rigged”



On this historic day, a day where a former President of the United States and former leader of the free world finds himself waiting for a jury in New York City to tell him his fate, the world is, quite frankly, going to hell. The rigged Biden trial has been a means to keep Donald Trump in a courtroom, not campaigning to tell Americans how he would Make America Great Again.


Inflation is crushing our middle class when they buy everyday necessities like milk, eggs, gas for their cars and paying housing costs.  Young Americans cannot afford to buy a home; even rent is skyrocketing. Our southern border is a sieve, courtesy of Joe Biden, and 11 million migrants have been allowed into our country, and we have literally no idea who many are or where they have gone.  One thing we know for certain is that their presence is eating away at the livelihood Americans have worked to create for their families when large portions of city budgets are redirected to shelters, overcrowded schools, and additional costs for law enforcement. America isn’t respected in the world and the Biden administration seems determined to capitulate in every way possible.


But let’s take stock of the state of affairs.


Donald Trump is the leading candidate in the Presidential campaign, both nationally and in each of the seven swing states. What especially frightens the Democrats is that his coattails may be long enough to ensure a red House and Senate in November.


This morning, according to a new forecast model released by the Decision Desk HQ and the Hill, an online Capitol Hill publication, Donald Trump is projected to not only win the Presidency, but Republicans are projected to win the House and the Senate.


This model is also reinforced by countless public and private polls that show President Trump in a commanding position with less than six months to the election. 


Faced with this kind of forecasting, the knowledge that economic conditions are only going to get worse, and Joe Biden’s mental and physical stature along with it, what else are the Democrats to do but make sure this Kangaroo court in New York City, in front of a truly corrupt Judge, generates a guilty verdict. This is driven, in large part, because the Judge has vested so much of his reputation on moving the Jury toward a guilty verdict — justice, fairness, and the law be damned.


As President Trump stated earlier today, “Mother Teresa couldn’t beat these charges…it’s rigged.”


Over the past few weeks, we have seen the Biden campaign make the most of the prospect of a guilty verdict to raise money, send campaign staff to stand around on street corners like hapless fools, and send in a Raging “Bullshit” artist and washed up gangsta wannabe Robert De Niro to show off the newest style in mask wear. And, Joe Biden has spent more than $30 million in target states and has not moved the needle one bit.


But what do the voters think about all of this? Where do they stand as the Biden “injustice” system perpetrates a historic bastardization of the American justice system?


They don’t like it. They don’t like it at all.


According to the appended memo based on our internal surveys conducted by Tony Fabrizio, well over 50% of Americans have consistently stated the trial is a political sham. A vast majority of Republicans and independents believe that the prosecution has failed to make their case that Donald Trump did anything wrong. They see the corrupt Judge and the Biden show trials for what they are.


The bottom line is this case doesn’t have an impact on voters. What will have an impact? The continued inflation that is sapping American working families, resulting in higher prices on literally everything from food to housing — all while Biden and his cronies hand out billions in tax dollars to pay the college tuition of the anti-semitic terrorists that descended on college campuses.


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DATE: MAY 29, 2024

As the trial against President Trump in New York is entering its final phase, the media is unsurprisingly treating the jury’s decision as if it will make or break President Trump’s election ambitions. However, our polling data shows otherwise. The impact of the New York trial, what little there has been, is already “baked into the cake” and voters have by-and-large already formed their opinions on the trial and President Trump’s actions.  Based on weeks of data, we have found that a conviction will not significantly change the advantage President Trump currently enjoys over Biden in our target states, nor will an acquittal increase his lead.

We have been routinely surveying thousands of voters in the seven target states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on a weekly basis. We have similar data going back nearly two months since before the New York trial began. In that entire time period, changes to how voters feel about the trial have been negligible at best.

While a total of 60% of target state voters claim to be following the trial, only 21% are following it “very” closely. Furthermore, those following the trial most closely are significantly more partisan and less likely to be persuadable voters. Democrats (66%) and Biden voters (72%), in particular drive awareness of the trial. Conversely, key target groups like Independents (55%), Undecideds (36%), and our key target Persuadables (38%) are much less likely to be following the trial, with almost none following it “very” closely.

A 53% majority believe the New York trial is politically motivated, exactly the same number we saw two months ago before the trial began and a number that has not significantly changed during the entire period.   Further among the key groups who will untimately decided this election like Independents, 54% say the trial is politically motivated as do 55% of our target Persuadables.  Even as many as one in five Democrats have said the trial is politically motivated.

Furthermore, a plurality of voters feel that the prosecution has failed to prove their case against President Trump by a 42% - 34% margin. Republicans overwhelmingly feel this way, but even Independents say they have failed to prove their case by an 11-point margin. Only Democrats are driving the belief that the New York prosecution has proved that the President committed a crime.

Most importantly, when we asked voters how they would vote given a conviction or an acquittal, the changes were insignificant. President Trump’s lead fell by two net points among those asked how they would vote if he was convicted. His lead increased by one net point among those asked how they would vote if he was not convicted. Both of these shifts are statistically insignificant, meaning that by mathematical standards, no real change in the race.

However, there will no doubt be national polls, especially those conducted by the media, that will likely show exaggerated shifts.  As you know, this election will be won or lost in a handful of states – these 7 in particular – not the national data the media would like us to focus on.



BOTTOM LINE: Voters in our key target states have already made up their minds on this trial. Most voters, especially our supporters, believe the case is politically motivated and a conviction would be a the result of a biased show trial. Biden’s voters will believe President Trump is guilty no matter what. And those in the middle are largely unconcerned and their votes aren’t going to hinge on the results of the trial.


Click here to download the full memo.