Dr. Ben Carson and Over 100 Iowa Faith Leaders Endorse President Donald J. Trump

October 29, 2023

President Donald J. Trump visited Sioux City, Iowa today where he was endorsed by Dr. Ben Carson and over 100 faith leaders from across the state.  The full list of faith leaders who have publicly endorsed President Trump is below.  


“As a Pastor, I appreciate what President Trump stood for when he was President; everything he did worked. If you had cancer and a doctor was able to help keep you cancer-free for ten years, and the cancer were to come back, you wouldn’t go find a new doctor. You’d use the one that saved your life. President Trump has proven he’s able to do what he says, so why would I try anyone else? Besides that, he's the only one who can't be bought off and he's proven that too.” – Pastor Dick Green 


“We are in a war, spiritually and politically, for the survival of our nation. I did not hesitate to endorse Donald J. Trump for President because he has proven that he has the resolve and the backbone needed to end the deep state and drain the swamp. This is why the globalists are terrified of him. I have to laugh when I hear other candidates claim to be the candidate that the left fears the most.” – Brad Sherman, Iowa State Representative and Pastor 


“I support President Trump because I know he will deliver. In this day of chaos and corruption, with RINOs rampant, we need someone we can trust. President Trump has proven what he can do. He is the most pro-life President we have ever had. We had no wars and America’s economy was thriving. We were drilling and using our own oil, and jobs were coming back to America. Our borders were controlled, and our enemies feared us. We need President Trump back and right away.” - Luana Stoltenberg, Iowa State Representative and Ministry Leader.   


We are proud to have the endorsements of the following faith leaders:   


Pastor Paul  Figie, Jackson County 

Pastor Richard Kessler, Wapello County 

Pastor Josue Rodriguez, Scott County 

Pastor  Korene  Sturtz, Clinton County 

Pastor Rick  Bick, Wapello County 

Pastor Tony Hacker, Scott County 

Pastor Dave Tyree, Lucas County 

Pastor Rose Kessler, Keokuk County 

Minister Marti  Puls, Scott County 

Pastor Darin  Sturtz, Clinton County 

Ministry Leader David Lage, Warren County 

Ministry Leader  Patricia Lage, Warren County 

Pastor Joshua Graber, Benton County 

Pastor / Iowa Representative Brad Sherman, Iowa County 

Pastor Jimmy Tyree, Marion County 

Ministry Leader John Johnson, Polk County 

Reverend/Ministry Leader Greg McCall, Polk County 

Pastor Jerry Reynolds, Clinton County 

Pastor Joel  Koebnat, Scott County 

Pastor Patrick  Wiedemeier, Hamilton County 

Pastor Travis Decker, Wapello County 

Pastor Brad Schroeder, Story County 

Ministry Leader Robert Klaus, Linn County 

Pastor Dean Scott, Dallas County 

Pastor Dan McCoy, Polk County 

Pastor Mike Griffiths, Scott County 

Pastor  Cyril  Mckay, Mahaska County 

Pastor Janice Barger, Muscatine County 

Pastor  Mike  Simiele, Howard County 

Elder  Ernie Rudolph, Dallas County 

Ministry Leader Dick Green, Linn County 

Pastor  Michael Elmore, Jones County 

Pastor  Roger Adkins, Scott County 

Pastor  Tammy Adkins, Scott County 

Ministry Leader  Stephen  Cohenour, Fayette County 

Pastor Roland Waterman, Fayette County 

Elder  Linda Nichols, Clinton County 

Elder  Tim Nichols, Clinton County 

Elder  Lorie Hartman, Clinton County 

Pastor  Don Culp, Lee County 

Pastor  David  Sixtos-Villa, Polk County  

Ministry Leader  Kathryn Bohn, Scott County 

Elder  Steven Sears, Clinton County 

Worship Leader  Kathy Cline, Story County 

Youth Leader  Jennifer Bramble, Polk County 

Ministry Leader  Kelly Wyllie, Polk County 

Elder John  Gilworth, Wapello County 

Elder  Mark Densmore, Polk County 

Pastor  Scott Hill, Guthrie County 

Church  Board Member  Madison  Sturtz, Clinton County 

Ministry Leader / Iowa Representative Luana  Stoltenberg, Scott County 

Ministry Leader  Katherine  Watsey, Jefferson County 

Pastor  Glen Meyers, Audubon County 

Pastor Joshua Davis, Scott County 

Ministry Leader  Paul Dykstra, Ringgold County 

Pastor  Darren Young, Marshall County 

Pastor  David Brown, Warren County 

Pastor Adam Whitty, Floyd County  

Missionary  Mary Merritt, Guthrie County 

Missionary  Dennis Merritt, Guthrie County 

Pastor  Ken Bose, Greene County 

Ministry Leader  Susan  Bose, Greene County 

Ministry Leader  Sandra Hanlon, Woodbury County 

Ministry Leader  Mike Hanlon, Woodbury County 

Women's Fellowship Leader Dianne Schafer, Adair County 

Women's Group Leader  Diane Collette, Polk County 

Elder  Doug Campbell, Cerro Gordo County 

Pastor  Don  Buhrow, Polk County 

Pastor  Garrett  Lamb, Polk County 

Pastor  Bradley Wallace, Clay County 

Pastor Josh Kent, Polk County 

Elder  Dave Troester, Clinton County 

Pastor John Johnson, Wapello County 

Pastor  Donna Johnson, Wapello County 

Chaplain  Jerome  Moulds, Calhoun County 

Missionary  Linda  Evans, Dallas County 

Chaplain  Joel  Tenney, Johnson County 

Pastor  Denise Herrick, Adair County 

Deacon  John Nissen, Audubon County 

Ministry Leader Jim Ver Woert, Dallas County 

Pastor  Bryan Bailey, Warren County 

Elder  Steve  Flindt, Polk County 

Elder  Mario  Perea, Lucas County 

Pastor David Brown, Warren County 

Elder Jeff  Kienast, Guthrie County 

Pastor  Stanley Herndon, Webster County 

Small Group Leader  Marilyn Knauss, Pottawattamie County 

Pastor  Cecil Ballard, Linn County 

Pastor Joseph Hall, Pottawattamie County 

Outreach and Mission Leader  Ellie  Menz, Greene County 

Elder / President of Congregation  Lynn  Menz, Greene County 

Pastor  Larry Black, Washington County 

Pastor  Kevin Johnson, Boone County 

Ministry Leader  Stacey  Insisiengmay, Scott County 

Ministry Leader Tracy  Pettett, Scott County 

Ministry Leader  Barb  Heki, Polk County 

Community Church Leader Anthony Evangelista, Scott County 

Ministry Leader  Ryan S. Howard, Black Hawk County 

Pastor  Mark Anderson, Muscatine County 

Ministry Leader  Eleza  Miller, Scott County 

Pastor Jason Miller, Polk County 

Elder Judd Miller, Wapello County 

Elder  Connie Miller, Wapello County 

Pastor  William  Claeys, Woodbury County 

Pastor  Robyn  Claeys, Woodbury County 

Ministry Leader  Sarah  Tenney, Johnson County 

Youth Leader  Kyleb  Hall, Pottawattamie County 

Ministry Leader Tod Garr, Woodbury County 

Ministry Leader Karin Garr, Woodbury County 

Elder  Edward Ray, Polk County 

Ministry Leader Jim Carlin, Woodbury County