October 02, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious is missing in action in Iowa, the state he's supposedly making his Alamo. Maybe he's given up after his poorly attended events and lackluster fundraising. In any case, this race is over for Ron and he needs to go back home to Florida and endorse President Trump. If he doesn't, he's aiding and abetting the enemy—Crooked Joe Biden."

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSanctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


22 days to go, and Ron has gone totally AWOL. It's been more than two weeks since Ron has been seen in Iowa, while President Trump has been pounding the pavement across the Hawkeye State.


Then again, Ron DeSanctimonious couldn't draw enough of a crowd to fill a classroom.



Ron has also been AWOL in speaking out against the corrupt attacks by the crooked and racist New York AG Letitia James.


As President Trump visited Iowa yesterday, it's important not to forget that Ron supported killing a federal mandate that is widely supported by the ethanol industry, but now all of the sudden is masquerading as a friend to Iowa ethanol producers.


DeSanctus won't protect Medicare and Social Security for America’s seniors, but in typical politician form, Ron has flip-flopped completely on the issue.


As a congressman, DeSanctus voted to raise the eligibility age to 70 to receive full Social Security benefits—in 2013, in 2014, and in 2015.


Before he was even elected to Congress, he said it was “necessary to make reforms” to Social Security.


On DeSanctus’ first day in Congress, he called “to restructure some of these entitlements,” such as Social Security.


In Congress, DeSanctimonious voted twice to cut Medicare benefits in 2015 and 2017.


A disciple of Paul Ryan/RINO, DeSanctus said in one interview, “I would embrace proposals like Paul Ryan offered, and other people have offered, that are going to provide some market forces in there, more consumer choice, and make it so that it’s not just basically a system that’s just going to be bankrupt when you have new people coming into it.”


Ron's poor attempt to cosplay as MAGA has been totally exposed and that's why voters have rejected Ron at every turn. The more that DC insiders, Never Trumpers, mainstream media, and the crooked grifter-consultant class have pushed Ron, the lower he has sunk in the polls.


Buckle up, Ron. It's going to get a lot worse.



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