ICYMI: President Trump Wants to Protect Medicare and Social Security, While Lowering Healthcare Costs

February 09, 2023

Mar-a-Lago, FL – As Joe Biden traveled to Florida today to discuss healthcare costs, Medicare, and Social Security, Americans are reminded that his administration is directly responsible for jeopardizing the country’s future. By blowing out the federal budget, wasting trillions on left-wing lunacy, and opening our Treasury and borders to migrants from all over the world, Biden’s out of control spending must be stopped. The pain should be borne by Washington bureaucrats, not by hard working Americans.


President Donald J. Trump released a policy video weeks ago and said, “Under no circumstances should Republicans vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security to help pay for Joe Biden’s reckless spending spree.”




Watch President Trump’s policy video


President Trump called on Republicans in Congress to cut reckless spending from unnecessary programs like:


·       Billions in taxpayer dollars going to corrupt foreign countries.

·       Mass releases of illegal aliens that deplete our social safety net.

·       Left-wing gender programs in our military.

·       Billions spent on climate extremism and all other forms of waste and fraud.


In Biden’s State of the Union speech, he shamelessly tried to take credit for President Trump’s success of significantly lowering out-of-pocket costs for insulin for seniors and capping co-payments at $35 a month.


·       NPR: The new options for reducing insulin costs are the result of an agreement reached by the Trump administration with insulin manufacturers and major insurance companies.


"This is a big day for seniors," President Trump said in a Rose Garden speech where he took the opportunity to take several direct swings at Biden over health care issues.


"We brought all of the parties to the table — insurers, manufacturers, and other key players — and reached an agreement to deliver insulin at stable and drastically lower out-of-pocket cost for our seniors. I hope the seniors are going to remember it, because Biden is the one that put us into the jam, because they didn't know what they were doing," Trump said.