TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE: Crooked Joe Biden Went to East Palestine, Ohio 378 Days Late And All He Got Were These Horrible Headlines

February 17, 2024

THE WASHINGTON POST: East Palestine residents express anger ahead of Biden visit


CBS NEWS: East Palestine residents wonder why Biden didn't visit site of toxic train derailment sooner


DAILY MAIL: Biden arrives in East Palestine a YEAR after toxic train disaster with roads lined with protesters and Trump supporters shouting 'f*** you'


THE WASHINGTON POST: East Palestine residents feel forgotten ahead of Biden visit


FOX NEWS: Biden's visit to East Palestine was a 'political stunt': East Palestine resident


DAILY MAIL: How Donald Trump's trip to East Palestine powered his run to the Republican nomination while Biden hesitated


THE GATEWAY PUNDIT: More From Biden’s Trip to East Palestine a Year After Toxic Chemical Explosion: Biden Lies that “My Administration Was on The Ground Within Hours” – East Palestine Mayor Who Endorsed Trump Takes Subtle Jab at Joe Biden


DAILY CALLER: Biden Makes 2 Hour Pitstop In East Palestine En Route To The Beach Over A Year After Train Derailment


THE POST MILLENNIAL: Biden speaks in East Palestine for 6 minutes, takes no questions after avoiding site of toxic train derailment for 1 year


NEW YORK POST: ‘Dementia Joe You Gotta Go’: East Palestine residents protest Biden’s belated visit after train disaster


THE GATEWAY PUNDIT: “Don’t Sniff Me” – East Palestine Residents Protest Joe Biden’s Arrival One Year After Toxic Train Crash


WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Biden gets frosty East Palestine welcome during ‘long-awaited’ trip a year after train derailment


THE POST MILLENNIAL: East Palestine residents protest Biden's visit, say he's not welcome: 'Too little, too late'


DAILY CALLER: ‘Too Little, Too Late’: East Palestine Residents Needle Biden’s Response To Toxic Derailment, Protest Ahead Of Visit


FOX NEWS: Ohio resident on Biden’s East Palestine visit: ‘He’s too late’


DC ENQUIRER: Trump Releases Devastating New Ad Slamming Biden For Going To East Palestine One Year Too Late


WASHINGTON EXAMINER: East Palestine resident criticizes Biden: ‘Leaders lead, and they don’t follow’


THE NATIONAL PULSE: 378 Days Since the East Palestine Train Disaster, Joe Biden Finally Visits.


FOX NEWS: President Biden criticized for taking one year to visit East Palestine


THE EPOCH TIMES: Many East Palestine Residents Question Intentions of Biden’s Visit A Year After Toxic Train Derailment