Trump Campaign Statement on President Trump Outraising Crooked Joe Biden

May 20, 2024

"The only people left in America who support Crooked Joe Biden are out-of-touch billionaires in Hollywood, and it turns out even they are done giving to a failing campaign. President Trump and the RNC significantly outraised Biden and the Democrats in the month of April, thanks to the support of millions of small-dollar donors from every state across the country. President Trump's fundraising haul over Biden is especially remarkable when you consider he has been confined to a courtroom for nearly 9 hours a day over the past four weeks fighting against Biden's Trial. President Trump's fundraising prowess and his increasingly dominant position in the polls proves three things -- the momentum is 100% on President Trump's side, Americans see the truth about Joe Biden's witch-hunt trial in New York, and they want President Trump back in the White House to Make America Great Again."

—Karoline Leavitt, Trump Campaign Press Secretary