Ron DeSantis Wants to Make Nevada a Nuclear Waste Dumping Ground…And it Gets Worse From There

May 24, 2023

“There is one undisputed leader of the Republican Party, who returned the Republican Party to our roots, fighting for the forgotten men and women of America. That leader is President Donald J. Trump, and he has my total support. It’s time for our Party to unite behind our President, and focus on beating the Democrats in 2024 and beyond. Voters elect representatives who keep their promises - and no one has more promises made, promises kept to voters than Donald J. Trump.” - Assemblyman Ken Gray (AD-39)


Nevada Republicans aren’t buying Establishment Ron’s attempts to hide his ‘America Second’ record. Ron has voted to raise your taxes, supported outsourcing American jobs, and tried to destroy Social Security and Medicare for Nevada’s seniors.


While in Congress, DeSantis voted in favor of legislation to make Yucca Mountain a nuclear waste repository.


In 2013, DeSantis “voted in favor of the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, which contained a provision to reopen the Yucca Mountain waste repository after Congress two years prior had voted to end funding for the site.”


DeSantis has stumbled out of the gates in Nevada. In April 2023, it was reported that a pro-DeSantis consultant was named as a defendant in a Nevada fraud lawsuit.


Ron DeSantis Voted To Outsource American Jobs


In 2014, DeSantis voted to block companies who wish to bring back American jobs from claiming a tax credit worth 20% of expenses related to moving back to the United States.


That same year, DeSantis voted to allow companies that outsource American jobs to still receive lucrative government contracts. President Trump has promised to block any company which outsources jobs to China from receiving government contracts.


In Congress, Ron DeSantis opposed President Trump’s America First trade agenda, which leveled the playing field for American workers and businesses and forced China to buy more American made goods.


Ron DeSantis Voted To Raise Your Taxes


In Congress, DeSantis cosponsored the so-called “Fair Tax Act” three times—in 2013, in 2015, and in 2017— which called for a new 23% national sales tax.


The Tax Policy Center found that Ron DeSantis’ “Fair Tax Act,” would have raised taxes on working, middle-class families.


Under DeSantis’ plan, 90% of earners would see a tax hike.


DeSantis’ proposed “Fair Tax” would have added trillions to deficits over 10 years.



WATCH: Ron DeSantis Tried to Raise Your Taxes


DeSantis’ Disastrous Trade Record


In 2015, DeSantis voted to grant President Obama fast-track authority for trade bills submitted to congress, including TPP.


In 2015, DeSantis voted against treating currency undervaluation as an illegal subsidy, which would have targeted China.


Unlike DeSantis, President Trump called out China for taking advantage of the United States through currency manipulation. 


In 2018, DeSantis claimed, “I’m not somebody that advocates tariffs.”


DeSantis Has Made It Clear That He Won’t Protect The United States On The World Stage


In 2014, DeSantis voted for legislation authorizing $70 million in aid to Ukraine.


In 2015, DeSantis was critical of the Obama administration for not sending lethal aid to Ukraine.


In March 2023, DeSantis characterized Russia’s war in Ukraine as a “territorial dispute,” but later clarified and called Putin a war criminal.


DeSantis Tried To Destroy Social Security & Medicare 


DeSantis has voted not to protect Medicare and Social Security for Nevada’s seniors.


As a congressman, DeSantis voted to raise the eligibility age to 70 to receive full Social Security benefits—in 2013, in 2014, and in 2015.


Before DeSantis was even elected to Congress, he said it was “necessary to make reforms” to Social Security.


On DeSantis’ first day in Congress, he called “to restructure some of these entitlements,” such as Social Security.


In Congress, DeSantis voted twice to cut Medicare benefits in 2015 and 2017.


A disciple of Paul Ryan, DeSantis said in one interview, “I would embrace proposals like Paul Ryan offered, and other people have offered, that are going to provide some market forces in there, more consumer choice, and make it so that it’s not just basically a system that’s just going to be bankrupt when you have new people coming into it.”




WATCH: Ron DeSantis Calls To Restructure Social Security and Medicare


President Trump’s Nevada Accomplishments


Nevada added more than 121,000 new jobs under Trump before the pandemic, including 14,600 new manufacturing jobs and nearly 20,000 construction jobs.


Real median household income in Nevada increased $10,992 from 2017 to 2019 to the highest level on record.


During the Trump Administration, Nevada’s unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in over a decade.

Shortly before President Trump left office, gas prices in Nevada were $2.64 a gallon.

President Trump’s Tax Cuts & Jobs Act resulted in a 20% tax cut on average for Nevadans making between $50,000 and $75,000 per year.


The Trump Administration invested $43 million to support expansion of rural broadband in Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon.


During Covid, President Trump’s Paycheck Protection Program supported 500,000 small businesses by providing over 45,000 Nevada small businesses with $4.2 billion in loans.


President Trump negotiated the USMCA, which supported the over 1,500 Nevada manufacturing jobs that depend on exports to Canada and Mexico.


President Trump built over 400 miles of the world’s most robust and advanced border wall, resulting in an 87% reduction in illegal border crossings where the wall stands.


The Trump Administration fully enforced America’s immigration laws with the Department of Justice prosecuting a record number of immigration-related cases.


President Trump ended the dangerous policy of “catch-and-release,” which allowed illegal aliens to be released into the United States, often never to be seen again.  


Under President Trump, the United States entered a historic partnership with the Mexican government to deploy tens of thousands of Mexican soldiers to secure their side of the border. Additionally, President Trump ordered nearly 5,000 troops to the southern border.


During President Trump’s term, violent crime dropped over 5 percent and the murder rate decreased by over 7 percent. To combat a surge of violent crime in cities, President Trump launched Operation Legend, resulting in more than 5,500 arrests.


The year 2019 marked the first time in 67 years that American annual gross energy exports exceeded gross energy imports.


The Trump administration cut energy regulations that lowered energy costs and unlocked new investments for American energy producers and consumers. As a result, the average American family saved $2,500 a year in lower electric bills.


President Trump approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, opening federal lands and offshore areas for responsible oil and gas production, and ending the unfair and costly Paris Climate Accord.


In 2020, President Trump opposed the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada.


President Trump tweeted, “Nevada, I hear you on Yucca Mountain and my Administration will RESPECT you!” President Trump committed to exploring innovative approaches.


Trump Promises To Deliver Across All Sectors For Nevada Once Again


President Trump received big cheers and support from the Town Hall audience with his response on how to lower energy costs: ‘Drill Baby, Drill.’


President Trump will protect Medicare and Social Security for Nevada’s seniors.


President Trump has said that “under no circumstances should Republicans vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security."


President Trump will end the invasion of our southern border and has declared war on the dangerous drug cartels just as he destroyed the ISIS caliphate.


President Trump will end the war on American Energy and reclaim Energy Independence and Energy Dominance. This will help lower gas prices in Nevada, which are currently up 55% since Biden took office.


President Trump will defend Parents’ Rights and support universal school choice and the direct election of school principals by the parents.


President Trump will keep men out of women’s sports and sign a law prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all 50 states.


President Trump has promised to sign into law a massive increase in border patrol, and a colossal increase in the number of ICE deportation officers. An estimated 293,000 illegal immigrants live in Nevada, costing the average Nevada household $1,739 per year.