KISS OF DEATH: Open Border Nikki

January 03, 2024

"Nikki Haley has shown her true colors as her disastrous record on immigration is now coming to light for everybody to see. At a time when record numbers of illegals are crossing the border on a daily basis, Haley has proven that she will stand AGAINST America First values that would stop terrorists from flooding across America’s borders. 


Previously, Haley denounced President Trump’s travel ban, calling it ‘absolutely un-American’ and ‘unconstitutional.’ She also said it ‘defies everything that this country was based on and it’s just wrong.’ 


In 2016, Haley defended Barack Obama when President Trump criticized the former president on weak immigration policies that put Americans at risk. 


In one of the more asinine remarks a presidential candidate could ever make, Haley recently said that ‘legal Immigrants are more patriotic than most Americans these days.’ 


At the end of the day, Haley wants a completely open border for narco-terrorists to run amok and savage our communities. Her position makes her wholly unqualified to even think about running for president, and America simply can’t have another four years of weak leadership, especially after Crooked Joe Biden."

- Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


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