FACT CHECK: President Trump Will ALWAYS Defend Social Security

June 27, 2024

Biden has tried to destroy Social Security for 40+ years — while President Trump has been clear: he will ALWAYS defend Social Security and Medicare.




  • If the millions of Biden migrants are allowed to stay as Joe Biden intends, they will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars, and Medicare and Social Security will buckle and collapse.


  • Bidenflation is crushing America’s seniors who rely on Social Security with rising prices.


    • Medical care: +8.1%

    • Prescription drugs: +7%

    • Non-prescription drugs: +17.7%

    • Hospital services: +16.3%

    • Dental services: +15.8%

    • Eyeglasses and eye care: +7.9%

    • Nursing home and adult day care services: +16.6%