Polling Week in Review: President Trump Dominating in GOP Primary, Posting Big Leads Over Crooked Joe Biden

October 13, 2023

Mar-a-Lago, FL – President Trump continues to dominate in the 2024 GOP primary and handily defeats Crooked Joe Biden in general election polls.


President Trump has reached all-time highs over the entire Republican field and is leading Biden in several key battleground states.


Earlier this week, a new Morning Consult poll found that President Trump’s lead in the GOP primary has extended to 49-points, with 61% support among Republican voters.


Morning Consult: National GOP Primary Poll


61%      President Donald J. Trump (+49)

12%      Ron DeSantis

9%        Vivek Ramaswamy

6%        Nikki Haley

5%        Mike Pence


President Trump has also extended his lead in Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada.


Iowa State/Civiqs: Iowa GOP Primary Poll


55%      President Donald J. Trump (+38)

17%      Ron DeSantis

11%      Nikki Haley                              

5%        Vivek Ramaswamy

4%        Tim Scott


Winthrop: South Carolina GOP Primary Poll


51%      President Donald J. Trump (+34)

17%      Nikki Haley

12%      Ron DeSantis

6%        Tim Scott

5%        Vivek Ramaswamy


CNN: Nevada GOP Primary Poll


65%      President Donald J. Trump (+52)

13%      Ron DeSantis

6%        Nikki Haley

4%        Vivek Ramaswamy

3%        Mike Pence


President Trump leads Biden in several key battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.


Emerson: Pennsylvania General Election Poll


45%      President Donald J. Trump (+9)

36%      Joe Biden



Emerson: Wisconsin General Election Poll


42%      President Donald J. Trump (+2)

40%      Joe Biden



MRG: Michigan General Election Poll


42%      President Donald J. Trump (+7)

35%      Joe Biden



While President Trump easily beats Joe Biden in hypothetical general election matchups, Ron DeSanctimonious loses to Joe Biden.


Morning Consult: General Election Poll


41%      Joe Biden (+3)

38%      Ron DeSantis


Only one Republican can beat Joe Biden in 2024: President Donald J. Trump.