Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

January 10, 2023

So interesting to see that people are talking about the Border. When I was running in 2016, I was the only one talking about it, and then in 2020, there was nothing to talk about, because the Border was the best it has ever been, drugs were at the lowest point in the last 40 years, our Border was secure with hundreds of miles of Wall built, and Mexican Soldiers were guarding our Border for free. So, before the Election took place, I couldn’t talk about the Border, because the Border wasn’t a problem. I fixed it. It’s amazing what has happened in two years, because now the Border is probably our biggest bone of contention, along with everyone being killed in Ukraine, the Afghanistan Withdrawal which was perhaps our worst Military Withdrawal in History, our Economy that is crashing, and Inflation eating us alive. Biden has allowed the cartels to destroy the Border, and I’ll destroy the cartels!