Palm Beach Playbook - June 17, 2024

June 17, 2024

June 17, 2024

ANOTHER ILLEGAL ALIEN ARRESTED FOR MURDER – An illegal alien serial predator – welcomed into the country by Biden in 2023 – has been arrested in the brutal rape and murder of Rachel Morin, a Maryland mother-of-five who went missing while out for a run last year.

The savage crime took place 1,800 miles away from the southern border.

The suspect is a Biden illegal who:

  • FEBRUARY 2023: Fled his native El Salvador after he murdered a young woman, then illegally crossed Biden’s open border.
  • MARCH 2023: Attacked a nine-year-old girl and her mother during a home invasion in Los Angeles.
  • AUGUST 2023: Murdered Rachel Morin as she was out for an evening run on a public trail near her home.

The blood is on Biden’s hands. This tragedy is far from the first time an American citizen has fallen victim to a senseless act of violence perpetuated by monsters who shouldn’t be here in the first place. For more, click here.

MASS AMNESTY – We told you that Biden’s toothless executive order was never actually meant to secure the border. The latest evidence? Biden and his band of communists reportedly have a new scheme that would give mass amnesty to millions of illegals in the country – even as the border continues to be overrun by illegals who are subsequently released unvetted directly into our communities.

Indeed, this is only the latest Biden scheme to undermine our national security and open the border. He is already running a de facto mass amnesty program for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, and his administration has instructed law enforcement to release illegal aliens from all but six countries into the United States.

The invasion was by design.

BLACK VOTERS ABANDONING BIDEN – CNN was left “speechless” after reporting that Black voters are abandoning Biden in record numbers.

Biden has dropped 16 points overall among Black voters from 2020 – but Black voters are not only ditching Biden, they are throwing their support behind President Trump.

  • President Trump has tripled his support among Black voters from 7% in 2020 to 21% today.
  • Among Black voters aged 50+, Biden has dropped 9 points.
  • Among Black voters under age 50, Biden nearly halved his support, dropping 43 points.

Biden is hemorrhaging support among Black voters for the same reasons he's hemorrhaging support among every other voter group: Bidenomics has decimated Americans' finances and Biden has imported millions of unvetted illegals into American communities, to name a few. For more click here.

TRUMP IN DETROIT – While Biden was being led off-stage by Obama at some ritzy Hollywood celebrity party, President Trump was listening to Black voters and community leaders at 180 Church in Detroit.


The event was in conjunction with President Trump’s announcement of “Black Americans for Trump,” a coalition with endorsements from elected officials, athletes, entertainers, community leaders, and pastors who love our country.

Historic rates of Black voters now support President Trump, and the reason is simple: Black voters know that President Trump is the only presidential candidate who can deliver results on day one because he already has, including landmark low unemployment rates for Black Americans, increased median income for Black households, historic permanent funding for HBCUs, comprehensive bipartisan criminal justice reform, and nearly $50 billion in funds to revitalize Opportunity Zones.

For more and a list of endorsement, click here.

PROTECT THE VOTE TOUR IN MICHIGAN – RNC Chairman Michael Whatley and RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump launched the Protect the Vote Tour to train and recruit poll watchers in Michigan on Friday as part of the unprecedented election integrity operation from the Trump Campaign and RNC.

As Co-Chair Trump and Chairman Whatley say, the RNC has two main jobs this election, to protect the vote and turnout the vote. This event in Michigan was just the first of many in the effort to build a 100,000-person-strong election integrity program.

Republicans are working so it is harder to cheat and easier to vote. That’s something all Americans can get behind. For more information, click here.

YOUNG AMERICANS FOR TRUMP – The enthusiasm for President Trump is so strong and the enthusiasm for Joe Biden is so weak, even NPR is admitting it in a new article, “It's easy to believe young voters could back Trump at young conservative conference.”


Some key lines:

  • “Just five months out, enthusiasm for Trump is high among younger attendees….Their unwavering support stands in contrast to the sentiment of many younger Democratic voters, who remain unsure or unenthused about backing President Biden again.”
  • “Luca is also backing Trump. As a mom with two young kids, she’s most concerned about rising prices. ‘When I drive around and see a nice house, I like to look up how much it's sold for,’ she explained. ‘In today's economy, it's like, ‘Oh, wow, how did these people even afford that? …And it's like, ‘Oh no, they bought it in 2012 for like $150,000 and now it's worth like $1 million.’ … ‘How am I supposed to get a house to raise my children to live in?’ she wondered aloud.”
  • “James Hart agrees. Though the 20-year-old now lives in Tallahassee, he grew up in Detroit. ‘I was raised Democrat,’ he said. That is, until 2016, when his family flipped for Trump.  … ‘Honesty is the best policy. And up here in the Midwest, we're honest. We say it like it is. And Trump did that.’”

Read the full article here.

BLACK AMERICANS FOR TRUMP – Watch the new Black Americans for Trump coalition video here.

OBAMA LEADING BIDEN – Another day, another clip of Biden embarrassing himself. Besides Biden’s apparent freezing, it’s telling that Obama just assumed he was supposed to guide Biden off the stage. Click here to watch the video.

Politics With Our Reserve – Joe Biden is reportedly planning on playing more politics with our Strategic Petroleum Reserve ahead of the November election. Reminder: Our reserves are already at their lowest levels in decades.

  • When Biden took office, the nationwide average for gas was $2.39 a gallon. Today, it’s $3.44 a gallon, which is a 44% increase.
  • Gas prices have been above $3 a gallon for over 1,130 days. They were never that high under President Trump.

Instead of playing politics with our reserve, which hurts national security, Biden should end his war on American domestic energy production. To make American energy independent again, our country needs President Trump back in office!

ANOTHER BIDEN AD THAT WON’T WORK – With their latest ad, Joe Biden and his campaign essentially admitted that the sham Biden trials are about election interference.  Voters see through the Democrats’ weaponization of the justice system against President Trump. In fact, according to data outlined by pollster Tony Fabrizio, “voters in our key target states have already made up their minds on this trial. Most voters…believe the case is politically motivated.”

After Biden's failing campaign spent tens of millions of dollars in media buys, he continues to plummet in the polls. Don’t expect that to change with ads like this.

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