Statement from President Donald J. Trump on New York Bond

March 18, 2024

I built a Magnificent Business, which helped rebuild New York City and State, with Amazing, Unparalleled, Historic Properties and tons of CASH, which Crooked Joe Biden and his Maniac Persecutors are trying to wrongfully and illegally take from me. A bond of the size set by the Democrat Club-controlled Judge, in Corrupt, Racist Letitia James’ unlawful Witch Hunt, is unConstitutional, un-American, unprecedented, and practically impossible for ANY Company, including one as successful as mine. The Bonding Companies have never heard of such a bond, of this size, before, nor do they have the ability to post such a bond, even if they wanted to. 


The statute used to attack me has never been used for such a purpose before - No Jury allowed, ridiculous $18 Million Value for Mar-a-Lago, the Judge ignored the Statute of Limitations Decision by the Appellate Court, Ironclad Disclaimer Clauses, No Damages, No Victims – A Disgraceful “Case!” This Sham is forcing companies and people to flee New York, and stopping companies from entering - If they did, they would be crazy, because they don’t need the Communist China, or old Soviet Union, model of business to interfere with their Prosperity and Success. We will fight and defeat this Hoax, and all of the other Crooked Joe-directed Hoaxes, once and for all. If I wasn’t running for President of the United States, and leading by a lot, this kind of Witch Hunt would never have happened!


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