Transcript of President Donald J. Trump’s Remarks to the Michigan GOP After Dominating Victory

February 27, 2024

I just want to thank everybody. This was a great day and Pete [Hoekstra], congratulations. You'll be a fantastic chairman, one of the best ever. I don't know if you know he was a fantastic— just couldn't be better as an ambassador— but before that he was a really successful and respected, highly respected congressman. And now he's with us, and we have a very simple task: we have to win on November 5, and we're going to win big, and it's going to be like nothing that anybody has ever seen. It's going to be fantastic. We win Michigan; we win the whole thing. The auto workers are with us. We have so many people with us. They’ve destroyed the auto working business—the auto workers— with this new deal, and with the all-electric mandate, all those cars are going to be made in China. And we're going to bring it all back into Michigan and other places in our country. But I just want to thank everybody, you've been so incredible. The numbers are far greater than we even anticipated. Thank you very much, and we'll be doing a lot of campaigning over the next couple of months and few months. I can tell you this November 5th cannot come fast enough because our country is in serious trouble. We have the worst president in the history of our country, the most incompetent and the most corrupt president, and we can't let this continue. So the date November 5, January 20, when we take over, could not come fast enough because we're going to Make America Great Again, greater than ever before. And I just want to thank everybody, you've been incredible. And I'm so proud of the results because they're far greater than anticipated. So thank you all very much, and I'll be seeing you over the next period of nine months and long beyond that. Thank you very much, and Pete, congratulations.