KISS OF DEATH: “Thanks, Rob!”

December 13, 2023

"Ron DeSanctimonious sashayed his way onto the stage of a CNN townhall that was less attended than the coffee line at a 7-Eleven.
Acting out on his Lincoln Project fantasies, DeSanctus did his best impression of a Never Trumper by reciting Democrat talking points peddled by Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign. When Ron’s political career is finished in a few weeks, he can start moonlighting as a Democrat surrogate because he’s showing everyone his true colors—deep, liberal blue.
If all of that wasn’t embarrassing enough, CNN’s Fake Tapper emasculated DeSanctus by calling him “Rob” during the townhall. When even Fake Tapper is declaring open season on Rob, it just shows how far down he has fallen in such a short amount of time."

- Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson



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