Trump Legal Team Files Request To Disqualify Biased Democrat Maine Sec of State From Deciding Ballot Eligibility

December 27, 2023

Today, President Trump’s legal team issued a request to the Maine Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, to disqualify herself from ruling on his ballot eligibility. The Secretary is a completely biased Democrat partisan and a Biden supporter who is incapable of making a fair decision and allowing the people of Maine the right to vote for the candidate of their choosing. Any attempt to remove President Trump’s name from the ballot is blatant election interference. It is unConstitutional, unAmerican, and wrong. Sec. Bellows’s social media history displays a deep disdain for President Trump and betrays a level of personal animus and bias so deep that she is rendered incapable of allowing a fair hearing of this pressing matter. Partisan, Biden-supporting Democrats cannot be allowed to erase his name from the ballot, as doing so would be a disgrace to the Constitution and a complete and total disregard for the civil rights of millions of American voters. President Trump is far and away the leading candidate for re-nomination by the Republican Party and re-election as President by the American people in 2024, and he looks forward to making America great again very soon. 


Read the filing here.