September 29, 2023

"Team DeSantis is in meltdown mode as nothing they do can actually make Ron DeSanctimonious— a disloyal dog— from being likable.


The fundraising quarter is almost over and DeSanctus has been burning through cash like it’s out of style. How many staffers will be let go when the campaign realizes they can’t afford to pay anyone because DeSanctus demanded to travel on private planes?


A new poll by the New York Post shows DeSanctus down a whopping 52 points to President Trump. Only a delusional and deranged person would think they’d have a shot to stop President Trump. It seems like DeSanctus and the lunatic Democrat witch-hunt prosecutors have something in common.


Oh…. if only there was a once-a-week shot to cure DeSanctimonious’ campaign problems!"

—Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


On August 24, 2023, Always Back Down consultant Jeff Roe gave Ron DeSanctimonious 60 days to "beat Trump."


Another day, another horrible poll from DeSanctus. With a little over three weeks before Jeff Roe officially pronounces the DeSanctimonious campaign dead, a new NY Post/Leger poll shows Ron on the verge of SINGLE DIGITS nationally.



Of course, this new poll—showing Ron 52 POINTS behind President Trumpcomes after DeSanctus' supposedly "great" performance in the second GOP undercard debate.


Nevermind the fact that President Trump was universally named the winner—for skipping the JV circus to be on the front line with Michigan auto workers or as Semafor simply put it: The Republican debates are only helping Donald Trump.


The NY Post poll serves as yet another example that President Trump is the ONLY Republican who can beat Crooked Joe Biden in a general election.



Meanwhile, DeSanctimonious is being torched for joining forces with Crooked Joe in a desperate attempt to attack President Trump. However, it's not all bad news for Ron— a 538/Washington Post/Ipsos poll found that 70% of Republican primary voters didn't even watch the undercard debate.


Just when you think Ron can't possibly sink any lower, the DeSanctimonious dumpster fire of a campaign eagerly says "hold my beer."


Tick Tock, Ron! Tick Tock!



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