President Donald J. Trump Announces Additional New Hampshire Endorsements

November 11, 2023

Mar-a-Lago, FL — Today, President Donald J. Trump received endorsements from the 603 Alliance–New Hampshire's largest coalition of conservative activists–as well as ten New Hampshire elected officials who recognize President Trump's dominant position in the Granite State. President Trump holds a commanding 32-point lead over Nikki Haley in New Hampshire, with Ron DeSantis far behind in third place. Those endorsing President Trump include:


  • 603 Alliance
  • State Representative Jim Kofalt, Hillsborough District 32
  • State Representative Kristin Noble, Hillsborough District 2
  • State Representative Karen Reid, Hillsborough District 27
  • State Representative Douglas Trottier, Belknap District 8
  • State Representative Len Turcotte, Strafford District 4
  • Belknap County Commissioner Peter Spanos
  • Carroll County Commissioner Terry McCarthy
  • Grafton County Commissioner Omer C. Ahern Jr.
  • Merrimack County Commissioner David M. Lovlien Jr.
  • Sullivan County Commissioner Joe Osgood


“The 603 Alliance is proud to be endorsing Donald Trump,” said State Representative Jim Kofalt, Managing Director of the 603 Alliance. “While the rest of the candidates are clamoring to appeal to the donor classes, Donald Trump is reaching out to regular people, engaging with the grassroots, and setting the stage for victory next November. The 603 Alliance is all-in for Donald Trump.”


“There is only one candidate in the race for President in 2024 who can provide a solution to our nation’s economic, foreign policy and social crises, and most importantly, beat Joe Biden at the ballot box,” said Carroll County Commissioner Terry McCarthy. “That person is President Donald J. Trump, and I’m so proud to endorse his campaign to Make America Great Again.” 


The goal of the 603 Alliance is to restore constitutional control at all levels of government and to unite like-minded voters behind the most viable candidate promoting liberty, free enterprise, free markets, and personal responsibility.