KISS OF DEATH: Ron DeSantis Short Circuits on TV Again

October 29, 2023

"Has the DeSanctus campaign tried resetting their candidate by unplugging and plugging him in again after his latest disaster this Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press?


That usually works with electronics, but not with a candidate like DeSanctimonious whose brain is completely fried and inoperable.


If his Sunday wasn’t bad enough, his Saturday night was even worse. Sporting his new brown boots he couldn’t wait to show everyone, he confidently sashayed across the stage in his odd-fitting footwear. And X had a field day analyzing the awkward fit and pointing to the possibility of having lifts the size of stilts.


Many people pegged Ron in the beginning to be a front runner. But in the end, he’s nothing more than a hand-me-down candidate who is no different than any other politician with big dreams of fame and fortune. Unfortunately for Ron, he won’t have any of those after this race."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson



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