What They Are Saying: Day 16 of Crooked Joe Biden’s Sham Trial

May 13, 2024

Senator J.D. Vance: “What's going on in that courtroom is a THREAT to AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. We cannot have a Country where you get to prosecute your Political Opponents instead of persuading Voters.”


Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird: "Let the American People decide who the next Leader of the Free World will be. Politics has absolutely NO PLACE in this courtroom or any other."


Rep. Nicole Malliotakis: "The people of the State of New York would wish that Soros funded D.A. Alvin Bragg would focus on the ACTUAL crime that is plaguing our City. THIS IS A SHAM TRIAL!"


Leo Terrell: "There is not a single shred of evidence that President Trump participated in a crime, either falsifying records, or to hide a Campaign State or Federal Finance charge."


Andrew McCarthy: “Bragg has no authority to enforce Federal Law...The NDA payments were not Campaign expenditures under Federal Law...That’s why the FEC and DOJ — which do have exclusive authority to enforce Federal Law — took no action against Trump...Bragg is making up his own version of Federal Campaign Law.”


Michael Smerconish, CNN: “A person, 4 or 5 weeks now into a trial, ought to be told of exactly that which they're being prosecuted for, and that just hasn't happened, and all of those who were on Radio and Television, like myself, act as if it is the case that we all know, and that Trump's been put on notice, but it really isn't true!"


Mark Levin: "A fraudulent intent is required to prove a crime. But a fraudulent intent to commit what crime?  If Bragg cannot articulate the crime or won’t, how can Trump have had a criminal intent to commit it, whatever it is? This is Alice in Wonderland and 1984 combined! Let me put it as succinctly as possible: There’s no crime, State or Federal, with which to link Donald Trump...This is a case looking for a Legal basis. THERE IS NONE!"


Marc Thiessen: “I don't think things are going well for the prosecution in the Court of Law, but in the Court of Public Opinion, they're doing even worse...Trump is rising in the Polls!”


Matt Whitaker: “Another day of trial, and nowhere close to allegations or evidence of illegality.”


Andy McCarthy: “Bragg knows what he is doing is improper, completely political case. Maybe Merchan is having second thoughts…They haven't come close to proving that fraud has taken place, and they don't just have to prove that fraud has taken place, they have to prove that it was fraud that included a specific intent to commit another crime, ‘which we believe is a Federal Campaign Finance Crime’…But there's not a scintilla of evidence that Trump was even thinking about Federal Campaign Law.”


Jonathan Turley: “Can't imagine any competent lawyer would not be embarrassed by what has happened in this Courtroom…This day is truly going to go down as a day of infamy for the New York Legal System. Watching this unfold in that Courtroom as a lawyer is really deeply disturbing…They keep on referring to these documents. The documents don’t move the ball. The documents show an NDA and a payment that’s not in dispute. They are not unlawful. They are not unlawful as a Federal Campaign Contribution.”


Senator Tim Scott: “Objective is to keep Trump off the Campaign trail…[It’s a] two-tiered Justice System, Sham, and not a Courtroom - This is a stage to find Trump guilty in eyes of public – Shameful!”