KISS OF DEATH: 28 Days and Counting

November 14, 2023

"A devastating new poll from Morning Consult shows President Trump eclipsing all polling benchmarks with 64% of support in the GOP primary, while Ron DeSanctimonious is at a paltry 14%. That’s a whopping 50-point lead for President Trump. It’s time for Ron to end his embarrassing campaign and head back home to Florida. There’s only 28 days left for him to remove himself from his home state’s ballot, or risk being trounced in the Florida primary election.


While Nikki 'Birdbrain' Haley is expanding her advertising with a $10 million placement in Iowa and New Hampshire, Ron and his sugar daddy super PAC have cut their budgets and pulled staff out of key early states. Make no mistake-- Birdbrain is going to leapfrog DeSanctus for distant second place and he is too broke to do anything to stop her.


A new report illustrates just how badly DeSanctus is losing support, as a former ambassador is now supporting President Trump instead of DeSanctus. Everyone has come to the conclusion that Ron just isn’t up for the job as president. The only person who is stubborn and psychotic enough to believe his own contrived hype is Ron himself."

— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson

Fresh out of money and out of support, Ron DeSanctimonious trails President Trump by 50 points, according to a new Morning Consult poll.



As Ron continues to nose-dive in the polls, photo evidence of Ron's feverish support of Mitt Romney surfaced online.


With only 28 days left to take his name off the ballot in Florida, DeSanctus has cut his advertising budgets in key early states. Perhaps a sign that Ron is finally coming to terms with reality.


On the high heels of Ron's largest donor abandoning him for President Trump, former U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica Don Tapiawho had reportedly flirted with the idea of supporting Ron—is now "prepared to cut a 'half million to a million' check to the former president’s MAGA Inc. super PAC to make his allegiance clear."


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