Kim Reynolds To Endorse A Candidate Who Will Never Be President

November 05, 2023

Mar-a-Lago, FL – Kim Reynolds apparently has begun her retirement tour early as she clearly does not have any ambition for higher office.


Earlier this year, she promised her constituents that she would remain neutral in the race, yet she has completely gone back on that promise. Regardless, her endorsement will not make any difference in this race. In a poll conducted about the impact of a Reynolds endorsement, 72% of respondents replied that it would not affect how they vote.


President Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party and that’s why he not only leads every single Iowa poll by significant margins but also beats Crooked Joe Biden in the general.


Iowans know what President Trump has done for their state—protected their first-in-the nation status, made E15 ethanol available year-round, provided $28 billion for farmers, slashed the death tax, renegotiated trade deals to boost farm exports by over $60 billion, expanded rural broadband, and much more.



Governor Reynolds Said She Intends to Stay Neutral


“[Reynolds] won’t be weighing in on behalf of any one candidate.” (Des Moines Register, 2/15/23)


REYNOLDS: “I want to welcome everyone to this state. And if I weigh in, I don't know if they'll feel all that welcome.” (Des Moines Register, 2/15/23)



President Trump Was Directly Responsible for Reynolds’s Ascent to Governor


In 2016, President Trump named former Iowa governor Terry Branstad as his ambassador to China, clearing the path for Reynolds to seek the top spot.  (Des Moines Register, 12/6/16)


“Reynolds had a difficult first election against prominent Des Moines businessman Fred Hubbell in 2018, at times appearing to trail him in the polls. Trump attended a rally for Reynolds about a month before Election Day, and she ultimately won by about 3 percentage points.” (Des Moines Register, 7/10/23)



In 2020, President Trump Gave Reynolds a Prime Opportunity to Speak at the RNC Convention


“Honored to address the Republican National Convention this evening and talk about the great state of Iowa and the partner we have in President @realDonaldTrump!” (Twitter, 8/25/20)


“[Reynolds] will focus on how Iowans have faced adversity from last year’s floods and an unusual wind storm, and how President Donald Trump has helped.” (Associated Press, 8/25/20)



President Trump Did More for Iowa Than Any Administration in History


Unlike Joe Biden, President Trump protected Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses.


President Trump made E15 ethanol available year-round, boosting Iowa's economy and advancing American energy independence. President Trump also dramatically increased the number of fueling pumps where E15 could be sold across the country.


Iowa added almost 22,000 new jobs in the first three years of the Trump Administration, including 10,100 new manufacturing jobs. When Joe Biden was Vice President, Iowa lost 2,200 manufacturing jobs.


President Trump oversaw record low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and women. Unemployment in Iowa remained below 3% for the first three years of President Trump’s Administration.


President Trump stood up to China like never before, rebalancing our trade relationship and bringing in hundreds of billions of dollars from China. When China targeted America’s farmers, President Trump provided $28 billion dollars in relief.


President Trump replaced the job-killing NAFTA deal with the historic USMCA trade agreement that contributed to an economic boom in Iowa.


President Trump slashed the estate tax, or death tax, to allow Iowa farmers to keep farms in the family.


President Trump rolled back unnecessary job-killing regulations at a historic pace, including those that harmed Iowa’s farmers. His Administration cut 8 regulations for every new rule including Barack Obama’s Waters of the United States rule that imposed federal restrictions on much of Iowa’s farmland.


President Trump successfully negotiated and renegotiated more than 50 agreements to boost farm exports by more than $60 billion dollars. As a result, Japan reduced or eliminated tariffs on over 90 percent of U.S. food and agricultural exports and the European Union agreed to nearly triple its beef imports and open its market to American soybeans.


The Trump Administration worked to promote connectivity in rural America by investing in rural broadband.


In 2018, President Trump signed a sweeping new Farm Bill into law that provided support and stability to Iowa’s farmers, expanded crop insurance, doubled how much farmers can borrow and helped open new markets for agriculture goods.


From 2017-2020 real median household income in Iowa increased by $1,882, the highest level on record.