KISS OF DEATH: 27 Days Left Until Ron Faces Judgement Day

November 15, 2023

"Just when you thought Ron DeSanctimonious couldn’t go any lower, he always manages to outdo himself. In a blistering new poll out of New Hampshire, DeSanctus has now dropped to an embarrassing FOURTH place with only 7% of support.



Ron and his campaign were also caught in a blatant lie last night when one of their supposed supporters in New Hampshire is actually a supporter of President Trump and will vote for him. The New Hampshire Union Leader followed up with Londonderry businessman Thomas Estey to confirm who he is supporting for president, and to the surprise of nobody, he stated the DeSantis campaign was dead wrong.
‘Ron DeSantis’s team kept bugging me for my endorsement, but I am 100% voting for President Trump,’ Estey said. ‘He is the only one who can save our country from Joe Biden.’
There are only 27 days left before DeSanctus can withdraw his name from the ballot in his home state of Florida, or risk completely getting blown out by President Trump. He can either save face or suffer the consequences."
— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


Fourth place. Ron now occupies fourth place in New Hampshire — with only 7% support. The wheels came off the DeSanctimonious campaign months ago, after Jeff "Kiss of Death" Roe's deadline came and went. Now, it seems DeSanctus will keep the grift alive until he's wasted every last penny of his donors' money.


Apparently lying about his height isn't enough, Ron's campaign is now outright lying about his endorsements. 



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