Endorsement of Mike Detmer


Michigan State Senators sold out the PEOPLE by refusing a Forensic Audit, and by praising losers like Ed McBroom. McBroom “investigated” voter fraud, and the only people he wanted to do harm to were the whistleblowers. A thousand affidavits were filed witnessing voter fraud, Secretary of State Benson clearly sent out illegal mailings, Zuckerberg spent millions of dollars setting up vote fraud boxes in Detroit, but these RINOs only got angry at the people telling the truth. Senator Lana Theis was McBroom’s deputy for his trash report and agreed with everything McBroom did. Lana Theis refuses to support a Forensic Audit and refuses to admit there was pervasive Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election. Think of it, nothing was found wrong in Detroit, one of the most corrupt cities in the U.S., whose elections over the years have been a joke. Theis is being challenged by an America First Patriot, Mike Detmer. Mike ran a tough campaign in 2020 for Congress, and performed very well. He’s running for the Michigan Senate, where he is sorely needed. Lana Theis forgot she’s a Republican, but Mike Detmer is an America First fighter who will do great things for Michigan. I completely Endorse Mike Detmer for the Michigan Senate. Help Mike win!