- October 03, 2016 -


The Clintons Have Traded Access For Wealth, Leaving Them Unable To Understand The Concerns Of Job Creators Around The Country

QUESTION OF THE DAY: “Secretary Clinton, almost all of your income has come from paid speeches and trading access. Do you think you have the business knowledge to be able to fight for our nation’s job creators and workers?” – Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor


CNN: “The Clintons Are Millionaires, Thanks To Big Businesses Paying Them Sizable Sums To Speak At Corporate Events.” (Heather Long, “The Clintons Earn Most Of Their Money From Paid Speeches,” CNN, 8/12/16)

CNN Headline: “The Clintons Earn Most Of Their Money From Paid Speeches” (CNN, 8/12/16)

The New York Times Notes The Clintons Have Made Millions “Through Book Deals, Paid Speeches And Other Business Ventures Involving Mr. Clinton.” “The Clintons have grown immensely better off in the 15 years since they left the White House, primarily through book deals, paid speeches and other business ventures involving Mr. Clinton.” (Maggie Haberman And Steve Eder, “Clintons Report Earnings Of $139 Million In Seven Years,” The New York Times, 7/31/16)

The New York Times Headline In 2015: “Clintons Report Earnings Of $139 Million In Seven Years”(The New York Times, 7/31/16)