- October 31, 2016 -

Fire Marshal Benevolent Association Endorses Donald J. Trump For President

NEW YORK, NY – Today Donald J. Trump proudly received the endorsement from the Fire Marshals Benevolent Association.

Established in 1966, the Fire Marshal Benevolent Association is compromised of over 500 active and retired firefighters and law enforcement officers. This organization is a recognized fraternal association of the New York City Fire Department. The organization’s mission is to bring the proper recognition and enhance the profession as police investigators and experts in the field of preventing, investigating and prosecuting arsons.

The organization president, Bill Kregler stated, “We need Donald Trump’s commitment to put America first and fight the corrupt Washington elitists. Donald Trump has the clear vision for America and under a Trump Administration millions of family-sustaining jobs for all communities will be created, together we will stand up to the threats of radical Islamic terrorism and reclaim the American Dream for all Americans.”