- September 08, 2016 -


Hillary Clinton Lied About How Material Is Classified, Showing She Still Lacks An Understanding Of The Classification System

“Hillary Clinton flat-out lied last night about the classification system, showing she is fundamentally unfit to serve as president. Her claims make a mockery of the legally binding non-disclosure agreements she signed after being confirmed as Secretary of State, where she attested she understood how to handle classified information and swore to protect it regardless of whether it was marked (c) or not. The cavalier attitude shown by Hillary Clinton toward our nation’s most valuable secrets renders her completely unfit to hold the role of role of commander-in-chief. I firmly believe a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate this matter, as it is clear to me and other former federal prosecutors that Hillary Clinton demonstrated a clear intent to violate the law.” – Rudy Giuliani, Former New York City Mayor

Last Night Clinton Said Classified Material Is Designated Via Marked Headers

Last Night Clinton Said Classified Material “Is Designated” And “Is Marked” Via “A Header.” CLINTON: “First, as I said to Matt, you know and I know classified material is designated. It is marked. There is a header so that there is no dispute at all that what is being communicated to or from someone who has that access is marked classified.” (Secretary Hillary Clinton, Commander-In-Chief Forum, New York, NY, 9/7/16)

But Some Categories Of Information Are Born Classified, Regardless Of Markings:

FBI Director James Comey: “But Even If Information Is Not Marked ‘Classified’ In An E-Mail, Participants Who Know Or Should Know That The Subject Matter Is Classified Are Still Obligated To Protect It.”(James Comey, “Statement By FBI Director James B. Comey On The Investigation Of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Use Of A Personal E-Mail System,” Federal Bureau Of Investigation, 7/5/16)

Certain Categories Of Information Are Born Classified. “This sort of information, which the department says Clinton both sent and received in her emails, is the only kind that must be ‘presumed’ classified, in part to protect national security and the integrity of diplomatic interactions, according to U.S. regulations examined by Reuters. ‘It's born classified,’ said J. William Leonard, a former director of the U.S. government's Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO). Leonard was director of ISOO, part of the National Archives and Records Administration, from 2002 until 2008, and worked for both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.” (Jonathan Allen, “Exclusive: Dozens Of Clinton Emails Were Classified From The Start, U.S. Rules Suggest,” Reuters, 8/21/16)

High Level Correspondence, Including Reports Of Telephone Or Face-To-Face Conversations Involving Cabinet-Level Officials Or Comparable Level Figures Is Presumed To Be Classified. “High Level Correspondence. This includes letters, diplomatic notes or memoranda or other reports of telephone or face-to-face conversations involving foreign chiefs of state or government, cabinet-level officials or comparable level figures, e.g., leaders of opposition parties. It should be presumed that this type of information should be classified at least CONFIDENTIAL, though the actual level of classification will depend upon the sensitivity of the contained information and classification normally assigned by the U.S. to this category of information.” (“Department Of State Classification Guide (DSCG 05-01),” Department of State, 1/05, p. 11)

“Some Subjects, Such As Cooperation On Matters Affecting Third Countries, Or Negotiation Of Secret Agreements, Would Merit Original Classification For Up To 25 Years.” “Some subjects, such as cooperation on matters affecting third countries, or negotiation of secret agreements, would merit original classification for up to 25 years.” (“Department Of State Classification Guide (DSCG 05-01),” Department of State, 1/05, p. 11)

“When Negotiations Or Other Diplomatic Exchanges Are Conducted In A Nonpublic, Off The Record, Channel, Details Should Be Classified.” “As a general rule, therefore, when negotiations or other diplomatic exchanges are conducted in a nonpublic, off the record, channel, details should be classified.” (“Department Of State Classification Guide (DSCG 05-01),” Department of State, 1/05, p. 17)

Information Obtained From Other Governments Or International Organizations Of Governments In Non-Public, Confidential Exchanges Should Be Classified. “Information obtained from (and in some contexts, shared with) other governments or international organizations of governments in a non-public, confidential exchange should be treated as Foreign Government Information (FGI) and classified for as long as necessary, taking into account both the inherent sensitivity of the information and the expectations of that party.” (“Department Of State Classification Guide (DSCG 05-01),” Department of State, 1/05, p. 11)

Derivative Classification Is Done By Reproducing Or Summarizing Already Classified Information, Or As Directed By A Classification Guide. “Information may be classified derivatively in two ways: (1) By reproducing, extracting, or summarizing classified information and applying classification markings derived from the source material, or (2) As directed by a classification guide (see 5 FAM 482.3, below).” (“5 FAM 482 Classification Of National Security Information,” U.S. Department Of State Foreign Affairs Manual, 6/6/11; Web Archive, 1/13/13)

Clinton Signed An Agreement Noting Classified Information Can Also Be Unmarked:

As Part Of Clinton’s Agreement Clinton Acknowledged That Classified Information Includes “Marked Or Unmarked Classified Information.” (Hillary Clinton, Sensitive Compartmented Information Non-Disclosure Agreement, 1/22/09, State Department Release, FOIA # F-2015-05069, 11/5/15)

FLASHBACK – Clinton Did Not Know What Classified Markings Meant:

Clinton Did Not Know That The “Letter ‘C’ Stood For Confidential In Official E-Mails.” “Hillary Clinton was so cavalier about security at the State Department that she told FBI agents she had no idea that the letter ‘C’ stood for confidential in official e-mails.” (Carl Campanile, Daniel Halper And Linda Massarella, “Clinton Claims She Didn’t Know Emails Marked ‘C’ Were Confidential,” New York Post, 9/2/16)