- November 08, 2016 -

​ICYMI: Trump’s Final Speech A Message Of Hope To Michigan Voters

Trump's final speech a message of hope to Michigan voters
Washington Examiner
November 8, 2016
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Donald Trump concluded his 16-month campaign for president with a message of hope to the thousands in the Rust Belt who turned out at 1 a.m. on Tuesday to see the Republican nominee deliver his final speech before the election.

Trump abandoned much of his negative messaging about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a final attempt to woo voters from the blue state to jump aboard his train when they vote later in the day. Michigan has bled blue in presidential elections since 1992.

The billionaire businessman focused on reminding attendees of the jobs the state has lost to outsourcing and promised to make the state into an economic powerhouse if elected president.

"After we win, I'm going to be coming back to Michigan a lot. I'm going to be coming back every time we open a new factory or a new automobile plant, and we're going to be doing a lot of expansion. I know exactly what to do folks," Trump said. "We are going to bring back the automobile industry to Michigan, bigger and better and stronger than before."

"Now we have one flawed candidate left to beat. It's going to be the very beginning of a new adventure ... it's making America great again, we're going to do it," Trump vowed. "Michigan now stands at the crossroads of history. If we win Michigan, we will win this historic election and then we will be able to do all the things that we have wanted to do."

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