- October 18, 2016 -


“The Clintons Have Influenced Every Bad Trade Deal Over The Past 20+ Years. From NAFTA To TPP To Shipping Our Jobs Offshore To China, This Is The Economic Disaster Of Our Time. It’s A Politician-Made Disaster With The Names Of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton And Barack Obama All Over It. We Can’t Afford Any More Of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Leadership’ On This Issue."

NEW YORK, NY – Today, Donald J. Trump for President released a new television ad entitled “Deals,” which highlights the devastating economic losses our country has suffered because of the terrible leadership of the Clintons and President Obama, and the ad highlights Mr. Trump’s plan to bring economic prosperity back to America. This ad will air in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all states with economies that have been greatly damaged by Hillary Clinton’s support for bad trade deals.

Recent emails released by WikiLeaks confirm Hillary Clinton’s horrific record of support for bad trade deals. She called the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) the “gold standard,” has been a staunch advocate for NAFTA, shipped millions of manufacturing jobs to China, and if elected President, Hillary will destroy our middle class, all in the name of her misguided political ambitions.

“The Clintons have influenced every bad trade deal over the past 20+ years. From NAFTA to TPP to shipping our jobs offshore to China, this is the economic disaster of our time. It’s a politician-made disaster with the names of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all over it. We can’t afford any more of Hillary Clinton’s ‘leadership’ on this issue.”Donald Trump on the other hand has a plan to cut taxes, reduce regulations, crack down on the trade cheaters, and renegotiate every bad Clinton trade deal in order to put American workers first.” – Peter Navarro, Senior Policy Advisor

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Transcript for “DEALS”

Our economy once dominated the world.
And our middle class thrived.
Today jobs are gone. Factories closed.
Because of bad trade deals pushed by the Clintons.
That sent our jobs to other countries.
Donald Trump’s plan:
Renegotiate NAFTA
Stop foreign nations from cheating us.
Cut taxes to reopen factories
Donald Trump knows business and he’ll fight for the American worker.

I’m Donald Trump, and I approve this message.