- October 15, 2016 -


“Hillary Clinton’s Refusal To Tell The Truth To The American People – Coupled With Her Putting Classified Materials At Risk – Completely Precludes Her From Holding The Presidency.” – Jessica Ditto

“Today’s revelation that the Clinton campaign was aware in November 2015 that at least one email on Clinton’s secret server was marked ‘top secret’ shows the audacity of Clinton’s claims that nothing untoward occurred with her email usage while at the State Department. Hillary Clinton’s refusal to tell the truth to the American people – coupled with her putting classified materials at risk – completely precludes her from holding the presidency.” – Jessica Ditto, Deputy Communications Director 

On November 7th 2015 Brian Fallon Confirmed That A Member Of The Clinton Team Was In Contact With Alex Gerlach At The State Department And Also Confirmed That One Email In Clinton’s Private Server Was Marked Top Secret. “Two things are true: Heather talked to I believe Alex gerlach at State, who said they were hearing only one email had so far been ruled out as Top Secret. Separately, two reporters who were trying to confirm Gerstein's report with ODNI reported back to us that they were hearing the same. The rumor was not that ODNI had completed the review and determined only one was not TS and the other was, but rather that they had only reached a definitive conclusion on the one (we think the North Korea email that supposedly relied on satellite imagery) and were still deciding on the other. Separately, gerstein is still confident the review is indeed done, and the emails are no longer being handled as TS materials, and the statement was only issued last night because ODNI is trying to avoid embarrassing the IG by acting like they have overruled them.” (Brian Fallon Email To Senior Members Of Clinton Team, “Re: We Haven't Had A Good War With NYT In Awhile,” John Podesta Wikileaks, 11/07/15)