- October 24, 2016 -

Statement on Hillary Clinton’s Deliberate Incitement of Violence at Trump Rallies

“Recent revelations surrounding Hillary Clinton’s corrupt campaign further illustrate that she will stop at nothing to secure the Presidency. In a totally disqualifying act that is a violent threat to our democracy, Hillary Clinton directly involved herself in inciting violence directed at Trump supporters. The Clintons have divided our country for far too long. On behalf of the American people, who deserve better, the Trump Campaign demands a full and immediate investigation into the acts of violence that the Clinton campaign and the DNC have incited on American voters." - Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor

“Hillary Clinton gave the go-ahead for outside groups to have Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stalked by operatives in Donald Duck costumes in a possible violation of federal election law, according to an undercover video released Monday.” (Washington Times, 10/24/16)

O’Keefe’s Latest Video Suggests Illegal Collusion Between Hillary, Super PACs [VIDEO] “During the discussion with an undercover Project Veritas reporter, Creamer admits that Clinton herself is directly involved with his planning. They’d considered other ideas for a costumed protest, such as activists dressed as Uncle Sam or as Curious George, but decided on Donald Duck because Clinton herself wanted it.” (Dailycaller, 10/24/16)

“Hillary Clinton Approved Robert Creamer Plan Directly” Now, however, O’Keefe and Project Veritas have released video of Creamer claiming that Clinton directly approved one of his more bizarre plans — an effort to attract media attention and incite violence by dressing an activist in a Donald Duck costume and sending that activist into Trump events, emphasizing the argument that Trump was “ducking” releasing his tax returns. (Breitbart, 10/24/16)