- September 26, 2016 -


Comprehensive Plan Makes America Prosperous Again 

HERE To Read The Full White Paper By Economist Peter Navarro And Wilbur Ross**

Donald Trump’s economic plan proposes tax cuts, reduced regulation, lower energy costs and eliminating America’s chronic trade deficit. Trump’s goal is to significantly increase America’s real GDP growth rate and thereby create millions of additional new jobs and trillions of dollars of additional income and tax revenues.

Hillary Clinton’s economic plan will inhibit growth. It proposes higher taxes, more regulation and further restrictions on fossil fuels that will significantly raise energy and electricity costs. Clinton will also perpetuate trade policies and trade deals she has helped put in place that has led to chronic trade deficits and reduced economic growth.

In considering how to score these competing plans fiscally, it is important to note that the Trump plan generates positive and substantial tax revenue offsets from its synergistic suite of trade, regulatory and energy policy reforms. Any analysis that scores the Trump tax cuts in isolation is incomplete and highly misleading.

Separately from this report, the non-partisan Tax Foundation has released its analysis of the Trump tax plan. It dynamically scores a $2.6 trillion reduction in revenues relative to the current tax policy baseline as of the end of a 10-year budgeting horizon. However, as is the typical practice within the modeling community, the Tax Foundation does not score other elements of the Trump economic plan that are growth-inducing and therefore revenue-generating.

This report fills this analytical gap. Specifically, we provide our own fully transparent scoring of the Trump economic plan in the areas of trade, regulatory and energy policy reforms based on conservative assumptions. Along with tax reform, these areas represent the four main points of the Trump policy compass. Each is integrated with and works synergistically with the others and in conjunction with proposed spending cuts.

We believe it is essential that third parties view this analysis in conjunction with the Tax Foundation report. The tax cuts of the Trump plan have been criticized for significant reductions in Federal revenues. However, the Trump economic plan is much more than just about taxes.

As this report demonstrates, the overall plan is fiscally conservative and approaches revenue neutrality in the baseline Tax Foundation scenario. The Trump plan also grows the economy much faster than Hillary Clinton’s plan to raise taxes, increase regulation, stifle our energy sector and continue the trade deficit status quo.

**Click HERE To Read The Full White Paper By Economist Peter Navarro And Wilbur Ross**