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November 05, 2016

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Donald J. Trump

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Colorado Issues

Jobs and the Economy

Mr. Trump wants to reform the tax code and trade policies to make it easier to hire, invest, build, grow, and produce and manufacture in America. Mr. Trump will stop China from stealing our jobs, renegotiate NAFTA, cut unneeded regulations and make America the best place in the world to do business and hire workers. Putting America First -- and not globalism -- will keep jobs and wealth in America.


Mr. Trump understands no child can achieve the American Dream without a great education, and every child in America deserves a meaningful opportunity to learn and grow. He will enhance education options for students through school choice and charters, regardless of zip code or income, as well as respect homeschoolers in their quest for educational alternatives. Mr. Trump will also make it easier to curtail the rising cost of college so students aren’t buried in debt.

Tax Reform

Mr. Trump will cut business taxes to 15%, reduce individual rates to three brackets -- 12%, 25% and 33% -- with a 0% rate for many individuals. He will add above-the-line deduction for childcare costs, including for stay-at-home parents.

Gun Rights

Mr. Trump supports your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, empowering law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves. He will expand mental health programs to keep the violent mentally ill off of our streets, and prosecute violent criminals, gang members and drug dealers, making our cities and communities safer.


We will use our vast coal, shale gas, and all other American energy sources in a clean and appropriate manner to benefit American families and workers, not for the economic benefit of the politically connected. Mr. Trump will support coal jobs, safe fracking, energy from offshore and public lands, and the Keystone Pipeline, which can be done responsibly.


Everyone deserves clean air and safe drinking water, regardless of race or income. Water infrastructure will be a big priority in a Trump administration. We need to work to protect natural areas, but in a balanced way. Mr. Trump will end Obama EPA mandates that cost too many jobs, are opposed by most states, and too often have negligible benefit for the environment.

National Security

There are serious threats facing the United States and American strength is the only way to ensure peace. We must rebuild our military, reform our intelligence agencies and prepare our government for the security challenges of cyberspace.



Republican Douglas Field Headquarters

19563 E Mainstreet Suite 201
Parker, CO 80138

Republican Jefferson Field Headquarters

2700 Youngfield Street Suite 101
Lakewood, CO 80215-7055

Republican Weld Field Headquarters

1703 61st Ave Suite 103
Greeley, CO 80634

Republican Greenwood Village Field Headquarters

5950 S Willow Dr, Suite 211/212
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Republican Adams Field Headquarters

2200 E. 104th Ave.  Suite 203
Thornton, CO 80233

How Obama-Clinton Policies Have Hurt Colorado

Rebuilding Colorado

Failed Obama-Clinton policies have promoted globalization and caused devastating effects, with jobs, wealth and industry being shipped overseas. Mr. Trump will bring back jobs to Colorado, and promote policy that improves infrastructure, education and the economy.

Fixing The Obamacare Disaster

The Affordable Care Act has failed MISERABLY and it needs to be repealed. Mr. Trump is committed to repealing and replacing Obamacare with health care that benefits everyone.

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