President Donald J. Trump Declares War on Cartels

Joe Biden prepares to make his first-ever trip to the southern border that he deliberately erased, President Trump announced that when he is president again, it will be the official policy of the United States to take down the drug cartels just as we took down ISIS.

Agenda47: Ending Veteran Homelessness in America

President Trump will make it a personal mission to totally eradicate Veterans’ homelessness in America.

Agenda47: No Welfare for Illegal Aliens

President Trump will end welfare for illegal aliens and defend the wealth of hardworking American families.

Agenda47: The American Academy

President Trump announces a plan to revolutionize higher education by shifting excessively large endowments from private universities toward a new institution called the American Academy.

President Trump’s Message to America’s Auto Workers

What's happening to our auto workers is an absolute disgrace and an outrage beyond belief. Auto workers are getting totally ripped off by Crooked Joe Biden and also their horrendous leadership.

Agenda47: President Trump’s Pledge to Homeschool Families

In a new Agenda47 video, President Donald J. Trump promised to serve as a champion for America's homeschool families.

Agenda47: President Trump’s Ten Principles For Great Schools Leading To Great Jobs

Agenda47: America Must Have the #1 Lowest Cost Energy and Electricity on Earth

Agenda47: Returning Production of Essential Medicines Back to America and Ending Biden’s Pharmaceutical Shortages

As part of my plan to obtain total independence from China, we will phase in tariffs and import restrictions to bring back production of all essential medicines to the United States of America where they belong. I signed an executive order to begin this process in 2020 but Biden has shamefully failed to follow through.

Agenda47: President Trump Calls for Death Penalty for Human Traffickers

President Donald J. Trump pledged to end the scourge of human trafficking and defend the dignity of human life.

Agenda47: Rescuing America’s Auto Industry from Joe Biden’s Disastrous Job-Killing Policies

Joe Biden is waging war on the U.S. auto-industry with a series of crippling mandates designed to force Americans into expensive electric cars, even as thousands of electric cars are piling up on car lots all unsold,” President Trump said. “This ridiculous Green New Deal crusade is causing car prices to skyrocket while setting the stage for the destruction of American auto production.

Agenda47: Rebuilding America’s Depleted Military

In a new Agenda47 video, President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to rebuild America’s depleted military, address the military recruitment crisis, and restore the proud culture and honor of America’s armed forces.

Agenda47: Protecting Students from the Radical Left and Marxist Maniacs Infecting Educational Institutions

For many years, tuition costs at colleges and universities have been exploding, and I mean absolutely exploding while academics have been obsessed with indoctrinating America's youth. The time has come to reclaim our once great educational institutions from the radical Left, and we will do that

Agenda47: Protecting Americans by Taking on Big Pharma and Ending Global Freeloading

Under my policy, the United States government will tell Big Pharma that we will only pay the best price they offer to foreign nations, who have been taking advantage of us for so long— the United States is tired of getting ripped off.

Agenda47: Cementing Fair and Reciprocal Trade with the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act

Under the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act, other countries will have two choices—they’ll get rid of their tariffs on us, or they will pay us hundreds of billions of dollars, and the United States will make an absolute FORTUNE

Agenda47: Using Impoundment to Cut Waste, Stop Inflation, and Crush the Deep State

I will use the president’s long-recognized Impoundment Power to squeeze the bloated federal bureaucracy for massive savings. This will be in the form of tax reductions for you. This will help quickly to stop inflation and slash the deficit.

Agenda47: Addressing Rise of Chronic Childhood Illnesses

Too often, our public health establishment is too close to Big Pharma—they make a lot of money, Big Pharma—big corporations, and other special interests, and does not want to ask the tough questions about what is happening to our children’s health.

Agenda47: Ending the Scourge of Drug Addiction in America

Too often, our public health establishment is too close to Big Pharma—they make a lot of money, Big Pharma—big corporations, and other special interests, and does not want to ask the tough questions about what is happening to our children’s health.

Celebration Of 250 Years Of American Independence at the Iowa State Fairgrounds

Three years from now, the United States will celebrate the biggest and most important milestone in our country’s history -- 250 years of American Independence. That’s why as a nation, we should be preparing for the most spectacular birthday party. We want to make it the best of all time

Agenda47: Day One Executive Order Ending Citizenship for Children of Illegals and Outlawing Birth Tourism

As part of my plan to secure the border, on Day One of my new term in office, I will sign an executive order making clear to federal agencies that under the correct interpretation of the law, going forward, the future children of illegal aliens will not receive automatic U.S. citizenship.

Agenda47: Protecting Students from the Radical Left and Marxist Maniacs Infecting Educational Institutions

For many years, tuition costs at colleges and universities have been exploding, and I mean absolutely exploding while academics have been obsessed with indoctrinating America's youth. The time has come to reclaim our once great educational institutions from the radical Left, and we will do that

Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Joe Biden’s Announcement

Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Joe Biden's Announcement

Agenda47: Ending the Nightmare of the Homeless, Drug Addicts, and Dangerously Deranged

For a small fraction of what we spend upon Ukraine, we could take care of every homeless veteran in America. Our veterans are being treated horribly.

Agenda47: Liberating America from Biden’s Regulatory Onslaught

No longer will unelected members of the Washington Swamp be allowed to act as the fourth branch of our Republic.

Agenda47: Firing the Radical Marxist Prosecutors Destroying America

If we cannot restore the fair and impartial rule of law, we will not be a free country.

DeSantis’ Childish Foreign Policy Clichés Betray Dangerous Lack of Historical, Intellectual and Diplomatic Sophistication

Statesmanship and Peacemaking requires seriousness, sophistication, and historical perspective, not mindless talking points and shallow Washington bromides. Sadly, some people’s worldviews are too simple-minded to make peace.

The Biden Banking Crisis Is a Disaster of Historic Proportions

Biden’s out-of-control inflation and devastating interest rates, along with spending trillions of dollars waging war on American energy while pursuing Socialist programs like the Green New Deal, have hurt American families and put their children’s future in jeopardy.

Agenda47: President Trump’s Plan to Dismantle the Deep State and Return Power to the American People

Ending the Deep State, rogue bureaucrats and career politicians, and government corruption. Text TRUMP to 88022

Agenda47: Ending Biden’s War on the Suburbs That Pushes the American Dream Further From Reach

President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to end Joe Biden’s war on America’s suburbs in a new Agenda47 video. Biden’s proposed rule that every state, county, and city submit “equity plans” to the federal government will push the American dream out of reach for countless American families.

Agenda47: Joe Biden Has Been a Disaster for the Economy

President Donald J. Trump highlighted the importance of not bailing out banks that have collapsed under Joe Biden’s disastrous economy of higher inflation and soaring interest rates.

Agenda47: Preventing World War III

President Donald J. Trump explains the difference between the globalist establishment class, and those who are truly committed to stopping the Ukraine war and dismantling the entire neo-con nation-building industrial complex in Washington, D.C.

Agenda47: A New Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living

It is time to start talking about GREATNESS for our country again.

Agenda47: Reversing Biden’s EO Embedding Marxism in the Federal Government

President Donald J. Trump has pledged to eradicate any attempt to weaken America’s institutions through harmful and discriminatory “equity” programs.

Reclaiming America’s Independence by Slashing Biden’s Disastrous Trade Deficits

President Trump we will end Biden's disastrous job-killing trade deficits and reclaim American independence.

Agenda47: President Trump’s New Trade Plan to Protect American Workers

Trade policy plan will protect American workers with universal baseline tariffs, revoking China’s most favored nation status, and ending U.S. reliance on China.

Agenda47: President Trump Continues to Lead on Protecting Americans from Radical Leftist ESG Investments

President Donald J. Trump released a new Agenda47 policy video vowing to once again ban insidious “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) investments in order to protect American’s hard-earned savings and investments from woke financial scams. President Trump’s bold actions set the example for Republicans across the country to follow his lead in fighting ESG.

Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to Stop the America Last Warmongers and Globalists

President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to defeat the America Last warmongers and globalists in the Deep State, the Pentagon, the State Department, and the national security industrial complex.

Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and Order

President Donald J. Trump unveiled his new plan to stop out-of-control crime and keep all Americans safe. In his first term, President Trump reduced violent crime and stood strongly with America’s law enforcement. On Joe Biden’s watch, violent crime has skyrocketed and communities have become less safe as he defunded, defamed, and dismantled police forces. Text TRUMP to 88022

Agenda47: President Trump on Making America Energy Independent Again

Biden's War on Energy Is The Key Driver of the Worst Inflation in 58 Years! When I'm back in Office, We Will Eliminate Every Democrat Regulation That Hampers Domestic Enery Production!

Stopping Chinese Espionage

Joe Biden’s weak leadership in allowing China to trample on American sovereignty.

President Trump Will Build a New Missile Defense Shield

We must be able to defend our homeland, our allies, and our military assets around the world from the threat of hypersonic missiles, no matter where they are launched from. Just as President Trump rebuilt our military, President Trump will build a state-of-the-art next-generation missile defense shield to defend America from missile attack.

The Russia-Ukraine War Would Have Never Happened Under President Trump

As President Trump has said, Russia's invasion of Ukraine would have never happened if he was in the White House. Within 24 hours, President Trump would be able to negotiate an end to this horrible and rapidly escalating war. It is time to make America respected on the world stage again by implementing a peace through strength policy and rebuilding a strong military that puts America First.

President Trump Calls for Immediate De-escalation and Peace

Joe Biden's weakness and incompetence has brought us to the brink of nuclear war and leading us to World War 3. It's time for all parties involved to pursue a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine before it spirals out of control and into nuclear war.

President Donald J. Trump: The Fake News Media is Stupid and Corrupt

Do not fear, many giant rallies and other events are coming up very soon. It will all be wild and exciting. We're going to bring our country back. We'll save our country from doom and Make America Great Again

President Donald J. Trump: CNN Is Leaving their Headquarters and Downsizing

It's very simple-- no ratings equal no money.

President Donald J. Trump: The Washington Post Layoffs Prove Nobody Is Buying Fake News

If they covered the news fairly, accurately, with a passion for our country, this wouldn't be happening to the Washington Post.

President Donald J. Trump: The Future of the Fake News Looks Bleak and That’s A Positive Thing

The Fake News media like CNN, MSDNC which is sometimes referred to as MSNBC, the Washington Compost which is sometimes referred to as the Washington Post, and the Failing New York Times are all doing really, really badly. The future of the Fake News looks bleak and that's a positive thing

President Trump’s Plan to Protect Children from Left-Wing Gender Insanity

President Trump today announced his plan to stop the chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation of our youth.

Donald J. Trump: Mitch McConnell is NOT Good for our Country

Mitch McConnell is NOT good for our country! The Old Crow has helped FUEL HISTORIC INFLATION upon the American People!

President Trump Calls on House Republicans to Use Debt Ceiling

-Mitch McConnell is a Stone Cold Crook and a Rubber Stamp for Democrats -President Trump Calls on House Republicans to Use Debt Ceiling & Get it Back!

President Trump Blasts DOJ’s COVER-UP of Biden Document Scandal

Tiana Lowe of the Washington Examiner and Maria Bartiromo covered the explosive details of Joe Biden and the DOJ's document coverup. Americans cannot have free or fair elections when the truth is hidden from them.

President Trump: Biden and the Democrats are Totally Deranged!

President Trump reacts to the Biden's document disaster

President Trump Slams Peter Baker’s Coverage of the Biden Document Scandal

Peter Baker wrote that Biden cooperated with authorities while President Trump did not. This is just false. It's exactly the opposite.

President Trump: Dismantle the Deep State!

One of the very same FBI officials who was centrally involved in the launch of the Russia hoax has been charged with colluding with a Russian oligarch. This latest example of Washington's corruption and hypocrisy is one more reason we need to elect a president to restore a government that is honest, transparent, and accountable to the American people.

President Trump: Our Country Has Become the Investigation Capitol of the World!

While America investigates itself, our enemies are laughing at us from all over the world. We have to get back to making America great again!

Donald J. Trump to Russia Hoaxer Charles McGonigal: MAY HE ROT IN HELL!

The FBI official investigating President Trump for the Russiagate Hoax was just arrested for taking money from Russia. President Trump shares his parting thoughts.

President Trump on Cleaning Out the Rot and Corruption in Washington D.C.

President Trump’s Plan to Save American Education and Give Power Back to Parents

Our public schools have been taken over by the Radical Left Maniacs!

We Must Protect Medicare and Social Security

Under no circumstances should Republicans vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security

President Trump Will Stop China From Owning America

I will ensure America's future remains firmly in America's hands!

President Donald J. Trump Calls for Probe into Intelligence Community’s Role in Online Censorship

The ‘Twitter Files’ prove that we urgently need my plan to dismantle the illegal censorship regime — a regime like nobody’s ever seen in the history of our country or most other countries for that matter,” President Trump said.

President Donald J. Trump - Illegal Seizure and Leak of Tax Returns

VOTE NO on the Democrats’ Massive Left-Wing Spending Bill!

Total Ban on Taxpayer Dollars Used to Free Illegal Aliens and Criminal Penalties for Administrative Noncompliance

The most important reform needed right now is a total ban on Biden using taxpayer dollars to free illegal aliens — and criminal penalties for administrative noncompliance, which happens every single minute of every single day.

President Donald J. Trump — Free Speech Policy Initiative

President Donald J. Trump announced a new policy initiative aimed to dismantle the censorship cartel and restore free speech.


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