Agenda47: No Welfare for Illegal Aliens

November 01, 2023

President Donald J. Trump announces steps he will take on Day One to end welfare for illegal immigrations and shut down Joe Biden’s abuse of parole authority.


Crooked Joe Biden is running a non-stop conveyor belt importing illegal aliens from all over the world into our country and the Biden Department of Homeland Security is abusing its so-called parole authority to give them more governmental benefits than many law-abiding citizens, including our Vets. Our Vets are being taken advantage of. Our citizens are being taken advantage of. It's very unfair. And it's not going to stand.

Under this horrendous abuse of power, millions of illegals will be eligible for billions and billions of dollars in welfare benefits courtesy of you the American taxpayer. So not only is Crooked Joe surrendering your borders and your sovereignty, he is stealing your hard-earned money to redistribute it to people who have no business being in our country. They should be in their country. This is not sustainable by anybody, certainly not sustainable by us.

The United States is trillions of dollars in debt, yet the radical left Democrats are illegally dispensing public benefits to illegals while they try to massively raise your taxes. The radical left communists hate you, and they hate our Middle Class. Under Biden's scheme, the benefits that will go to illegal aliens include food stamps, free healthcare, welfare checks, and a host of other programs the likes of which you would not even believe.

In addition, Biden is also giving illegal aliens work permits to take jobs away from American citizens.

And then if they have children, not only do the children get automatic citizenship, but they unlock a trove of additional government benefits flowing to illegal immigrant households. In the meantime, our Vets suffer and our citizens suffer. On Day One of my new Administration, we will shut down this travesty and defend the wealth of hardworking Middle-Class families.

I will stop the outrageous abuse of parole authority. I will reinstate my action making illegals ineligible for public housing. We will terminate all work permits for illegal aliens. And I will demand that Congress send me a bill blocking any future President from abusing his power to distribute welfare benefits in this manner. It's all being paid for by the American taxpayer.

Like automatic citizenship for children of illegal aliens, welfare is a gigantic magnet drawing people from all over the world. They want to come to the United States. They want to feast off the sweat and savings of the American taxpayer. It's not fair. It's not just. We're not going to let it happen. I will end it all immediately.

Thank you.