KISS OF DEATH: DeSantis’s Only Lift Is From His High Heels

November 17, 2023

"It has been a brutal week for Ron DeSanctimonious as he continues to crater in every single poll and his ‘big’ endorsement in Iowa was nothing more than a whimper that failed to give him a bump. The only lift he’s received throughout the campaign is from his high-heeled shoes.
In a brutal and sobering article from The Messenger, the pollster for the recent Iowa State survey put it bluntly about the effect of Kim Reynolds’ endorsement of DeSanctus: ‘Non-existent.’"
‘She’s not moving Trump supporters. They like [Trump] more than her.’
There are only 25 more days left for Ron to come to his senses and prevent himself from getting embarrassed in his home state of Florida. He can either take his name off the ballot before the deadline or suffer a humiliating defeat that will further tarnish his already tainted reputation.
— Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson


No matter what Ron does, he continues to fall like an injured bird. Despite going all-in in Iowa, Ron's supposed crowning achievement has had a "non-existent" effect on his tanking campaign.


From The Messenger:


But a new Iowa State University poll, as well as a survey from a super PAC backing Donald Trump, show that the high-profile endorsement did nothing to change the primary’s dynamics in favor of the Florida governor.


“Non-existent,” Dave Peterson, who coordinated the Iowa State Poll, told The Messenger when asked to describe Reynolds’ effect on the race.


As the totally uninteresting battle for distant second place rages on, Ron's sanctimonious attacks on Nikki "Birdbrain" Haley have ricocheted back onto himself.


It turns out that before DeSanctus decided to cosplay as a hero to "free speech," he too once called to restrict anonymous speech.


Poll after poll has shown that Ron DeSanctus' campaign is done, whether he accepts it or not. Ron has fallen to third and fourth place in several states and now registers in the single digits nationally.


Pack it up, Ron. It's over for you.


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